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We’re The Tri-County Roofers Who Are NOT
Rude, Unkempt & Late

We’re Roofing Professionals – We Treat You, Your Home,
And Ourselves With RESPECT

We’re professionals inside and out. That means that we have neat uniforms and branded trucks – and we also have a customer-centered attitude.

This is what you can expect when Banes Roofing is at the helm of your roof replacement project:

  • You never have to wait for us.

  • The quote we give you is written in stone.

  • We call you BEFORE you call us.

  • We handle your home with CARE.

Early Is Our On-Time

When you give us a window of time to show up – we don’t just show up. We arrive EARLY. Time is something that can’t ever be returned. If we make you wait for us – even for just 10 minutes – we’ve stolen 10 minutes of your valuable time. And that’s NOT something we ever want to do.

Accuracy Is Our Goal

Quotes are all about details – and we make sure to include every single one. When we give you a quote, that’s THE QUOTE. We have checklists to make sure we include everything, and if we accidentally leave something out, that’s on us. The quote stays the same. Banes Roofing quotes are utterly boring – there are NO surprises and NO changes.

Communication Is Our DEFAULT Mode

At Banes Roofing, the question is not IF we communicate with you; it’s HOW we communicate with you. What’s your go-to communication method? Email? Phone calls? Texting?

Right off the bat, we establish how you want us to talk to you… and then we TALK to you. If your project is going smoothly – we update you. If there are supply chain issues – we update you. If you’re not home, we’ll take pictures of your roof-in-progress and send them to you.

Your Home Is Our Temple

This is your one and only home – and we make sure to treat it that way. We do many roofing projects every year, and we give each home the attention and respect it deserves.

  • We set up tarps over your lawn to protect your landscape, and we
    drape them over your windows to prevent damage to the glass.

  • For complex jobs, we create makeshift roofs to catch debris before it falls, and
    we line the deck with plywood.

  • We invested in a $35,000 Equipter –a mobile dumpster that can pull up to your roofline so that we prevent debris from littering your driveway and lawn.

  • When we’re finished installing your roof, we comb through your lawn with a magnetic roller to pick up stray nails.

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100% Professional, 100% Of The Time

We don’t ever take a break from being on-time, honest, communicative, and clean. No matter how busy we are or what day it is – this is the standard you can expect from us. ALL DAY. EVERY DAY.

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