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Siding Contractors in Bucks County, PA

Ready to update your home? Time to repair an area of broken siding? At Banes Roofing, our team is here to help! Our siding company in Langhorne, PA and Bucks County, PA believes in helping you create the look that you want with professional, honest, efficient service. Our contractors pay close attention to detail and pride themselves on helping our customers develop the perfect look for their homes.

Our Siding Installation Process

We’re proud to offer a simple, customer-focused installation process that will have your Bucks County, PA home looking updated, clean, and fresh in no time.

We’ll start with a consultation, where we’ll talk with you about the changes you’d like to make to your home. Together, we’ll take a walk around your house and inspect the areas that you’d like to change. We’ll also talk with you about whether you prefer the appearance of vertical or horizontal siding. We’ll use the information we gather during our conversation to create a plan for how we’ll install your new siding.

Next, we’ll create a 3D model to show you what your home will look like after your new siding is installed. We’ll be able to show you several different looks with different types of siding, allowing you to envision exactly what you’ll see post-installation.

On the day your installation begins, we’ll install Tyvek wrap to ensure that your home is protected from water. Once your home is wrapped, we’ll begin to install your siding. In most cases, we’re able to install siding in five days or less, depending on the weather.

Finally, our project manager will meet with you to do a final walk-through of your home to ensure that you’re happy with the final product. If any part of the installation process is not up to your high standards, we’ll work with you to make it right.

Common Types of Siding Repairs

When you choose to work with Banes Roofing as your siding contractor, you’ll be able to rest assured knowing that your siding repairs are being completed by a professional, experienced contractor.

Our decades of experience allow us to effectively and efficiently complete many types of siding repairs, including:

  • Cracked or broken panels: Weather, age, and impact can all cause cracked or broken siding panels. Your contractor will repair or replace the broken panel to restore your home’s seamless look.
  • Loose or missing siding: High winds and faulty installation can result in panels of siding that are loose or missing. Our contractor will reattach or replace broken panels.
  • Fading: Years of exposure to sun and weather can cause your siding to fade or become discolored. Our contractor will talk with you about whether it makes more sense to replace, paint, or clean the discolored siding.
  • Pest damage: Wood siding is susceptible to pest damage. Repairing the damage may require replacing panels that have been damaged, as well as taking preventative measures to keep pests away in the future.

How to Expand the Lifetime of Your Siding in Bucks County, PA

When you’re searching for a company to help with siding and roofing in Bucks County, PA, we’ve got you covered! We want your siding to stand the test of time, and that requires taking some steps to preserve your home. Regular cleaning, taking the time to inspect your home for damage on a regular basis, trimming plants away from your siding, and sealing gaps and cracks can all help extend the lifetime of your siding.

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