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Premium Asphalt Shingle Roofing Options
Built Tough For Lower Gwynedd, PA

Choose The Durability And Beauty Of A GAF
Roofing System To Meet All Your Needs

When you choose the next roofing system for your home in Lower Gwynedd, PA, it’s essential to get the biggest bang for your buck. Here at Banes Roofing, we’ve found the most reliable, most durable, and most beautiful asphalt shingle roofing system, which comes from GAF. We could have chosen any manufacturer, but we had a few requirements in mind.

For us, the manufacturer had to have a solid reputation, a focus on innovation, and a devout willingness to stand behind their products. GAF didn’t just meet these requirements – they exceeded them. When you choose our GAF asphalt shingle roof replacement, you’ll enjoy several excellent benefits, including the following:

  • Extreme durability due to the high quality of the shingles
  • Maximum ridge ventilation that’s often skipped in other roofing systems
  • Fantastic underlayment that assists with preventing unhealthy moisture issues
  • Built-in stain guard that prevents mold, mildew, and algae growth on the shingles
  • The best warranty possible because we’re a Master Elite Certified GAF contractor

We also offer asphalt shingle roof repair for those cases where you only have minor problems. We’ll help you keep your roof going strong for as many years as possible. You can always count on our honesty and transparency, revealing the exact nature of your problem and providing the solution that’s in your best interests.

We Won’t Settle For Anything But The
Best Materials For Our Customers

When it comes to your Montgomery County home’s roof, we don’t mess around with poor-quality materials. It’s only the best for our customers. That means they must check every box: beauty, brains, and brawn. The solution was simple for us, and that meant choosing GAF roofing systems.

You see, not all shingles from every company are the same quality. Some are rough-cut and crudely made with awkward angles. Then you have GAF shingles that blend seamlessly.

While you may not think of roofing materials as being smart, GAF stands above the rest in this respect. You’ll get smarter ventilation, soffits, seals, and underlayment that all work together to provide the best-in-class roofing system.

These roofing systems also offer the best durability. They’re seamless, sturdy, and long-lasting, easily outperforming other systems.

Our Meticulous Processes Ensure A Flawless Installation

Manufacturers provide installation guidelines for a reason – when they’re not followed, you can expect problems in the future. That’s why we’re meticulous about focusing on every detail and adhering to every guideline. A flawless installation is the goal of every project we complete.

If manufacturers evaluate our work, we always pass with flying colors because we follow the rules well. At Banes Roofing, “good enough” will never be good enough for us.

It makes no sense to get a phone call from a customer that we need to fix something that should have been completed the right way the first time. That’s why we have implemented a foolproof plan for quality control. Our Project Manager will frequently visit the site to ensure all is going smoothly and to troubleshoot any issues.

They’ll also complete a final walkthrough with you to ensure your complete happiness with the project, addressing any questions or concerns you have. If you’re 100% satisfied, you’ll sign off on the completed work.

Always Professional, All The Time

There’s nothing worse than dealing with unprofessional asphalt shingle roofing contractors. You end up waiting for them to arrive for your scheduled appointments, they’re loud and rude on the project site, and there’s little to no communication throughout your project.

When you choose Banes Roofing for your Lower Gwynedd, PA, roof replacement, you’ll work with a committed team that’s always professional. Your time is precious, and we never want to steal even a minute from you, so we’ll always be early for our appointments.

When it comes to your quote, accuracy is our goal. If we forget something, it’s on us – your quote stays the same. We don’t believe in surprises, so we keep our quotes on the boring side of things.

Once we find out how you want to communicate with us, we’ll use that method to ensure you stay updated throughout the project. You’ll never be left wondering how the day went or where we stand. If you have any concerns, we make ourselves available for easy contact.

We’ll also treat your home like a temple and  protect it from damage.  Especially during the tear-down phase of your roof replacement we take extra care to protect your home and valuables. When we’re finished, we perform a thorough clean-up procedure, so it’s like we were never there.

For The Best Asphalt Shingle Roofing Options In
Lower Gwynedd, PA, Turn To Banes Roofing

Don’t settle for less than the absolute best when replacing your asphalt shingle roofing in Lower Gwynedd, PA. Trust Banes Roofing, where we combine premium GAF products with exceptional installations.

Your new roof will be beautiful, durable, and last decades while protecting your home and family from the elements.

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