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Asphalt Shingle Roofing That Stands The
Test Of Time In Montgomery County

Time For A New Asphalt Shingle Roof? Opt
For Durability, Efficiency, And Style

Your roof is one of the essential parts of your Huntingdon Valley, PA home. This is why Banes Roofing has gone through extraordinary measures to ensure that our asphalt shingle roofing products are the best around.

Banes Roofing searched far and wide to find the most durable and stylish asphalt shingle roofing product for our customers, and we found it in GAF Roofing Systems.

GAF Asphalt Shingles Are The Best
Solution For Your Residential Roof

When looking for the best asphalt shingle roof replacement in Montgomery County, there are probably a few key things that you have on your checklist.

  • Durability
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Style

Prepare to check everything off of your list when you come to Banes Roofing for your shingle roof. GAF exceeds expectations in every category. No wonder they are the largest roofing manufacturer in North America!

When you replace your asphalt shingle roof using GAF products and Banes Roofing installation, you are guaranteed to have a lasting roof. No matter what Huntingdon Valley, PA, throws at your new roof – whether it’s ice, snow, water, or wind – it will hold up to all of the elements.

We’re so confident that your new roof will be built to last that we offer an incredible 50-year product warranty. You can rest assured knowing that your roof will stand up to anything, and if it doesn’t, we’ll be here to help!

GAF’s shingles are designed to fit your home with impeccable precision. Each piece of your roof is put together like incredibly sturdy puzzle pieces – merging to give you the most durable roof possible.

You don’t have to worry about moisture seeping in or your adhesive wearing down over the years.

Instead, GAF’s Timberline HDZ shingles are explicitly made with the longevity of your roof in mind.

Asphalt Roof Shingles That Keep Your
Home Energy Efficient

The most important job of any roof is to keep you and your home safe. That is why asphalt roof shingles are built to be durable and sturdy. But it’s also crucial that your roof can breathe meaning that it has a proper ventilation system.

With this in mind, GAF has designed its roofs to provide the maximum ventilation possible, which is often overlooked in other roofing systems.

GAF’s ridge ventilation makes sure that air is never trapped in your home’s attic space and ensures that your house is always energy efficient.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing Keeps Your Home Stylish

Not only can you expect a durable roof and energy efficiency when you turn to Banes Roofing for your asphalt shingle roof installment – you can expect a stylish roof. From day one and beyond.

When you first select your asphalt shingle roof, you are presented with multiple options to fit your specific taste.

After all, you want a roof that matches your home and your style. Right?

Well, look no further than Banes Roofing. Our array of style options allows you to have your choice between multiple different styles of shingles coming in a variety of colors.

No matter what you want, we will work with you to choose a roof that fits your budget and aesthetic.

Trustworthy Residential Roof Installation Specialists

Here at Banes Roofing, we work with the best materials to give you the best installation and a long-lasting roof. GAF is a premier manufacturer in the industry. But we always want you to have a choice.

So if you decide to go another direction for your asphalt shingle product, we have other options for you to choose from! No matter your choice, you can rest assured that you will get immaculate roof installation services from our Master Elite Certified Team.

Our installers are the epitome of our core values at Banes Roofing

  • Trust
  • Service
  • Reliable
  • Integrity
  • Accountability

You can count on our team to make your residential roof installation go off without a hitch. We take on every new step and address every detail with incredible precision. Banes Roofing has 70 years of experience. When you come to us for residential roof installation, you can feel comfortable knowing that we have seen every kind of roof before. We have been around, and we know what we are doing.

If you want a company to install your residential asphalt shingle roof that you can trust in Huntington Valley, PA, set up a free estimate with Banes Roofing today!

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