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Meticulous Home Exterior Repair Services
In Doylestown, PA

We Make Your Home Look Like The
Damage Never Happened

Your Doylestown, PA, home goes through a lot daily just dealing with the weather. From high winds to the hot sun to freezing rain, the exterior of your home sees a lot of harsh situations. Over time, this can lead to severe wear-and-tear that needs immediate attention to make everything look new.

Here at Banes Roofing, we offer home exterior repairs that will leave the outside of your home looking like nothing ever happened. We can handle all the damage from exposure to the elements, including problems with your fascia, gutters, roof, and siding. Our goal on every project is to ensure your home shows no signs of any previous damage.

You Can Always Count On Our Professionalism

You’ve probably heard a horror story, or maybe you’ve experienced your own, about a terrible experience with an exterior remodeling company treating a client’s home with no respect at all – not taking the time to protect it from damage and behaving with disrespectful attitudes.

When you work with Banes Roofing, you’ll never experience anything like that. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and treat your home like it’s our own. We do everything in our power to protect your home and landscape from damage during any project. Plus, we treat every client with the respect they deserve.

You’ll never be waiting on us because we’ll always be early for our scheduled appointment. We know your time is valuable, and it would be entirely inexcusable to steal any of it by being tardy.

We also make it a point to produce the most boring quotes you’ll find – they don’t change from the time we give them to you to the time you pay. Even if we forget something, it’s our mistake, and you won’t see the charge pop up on your bill.

Unlike other companies that may leave their customers in the dark, we understand communication is vital. We’ll find out how you want to communicate, and we’ll keep you updated on everything.

A Job Done Right The First Time

We follow all the rules when installing any products. Doing it any other way would only result in the failure of your remodeling project. Sticking to the guidelines leads us to projects completed right the first time.

Our flawless installations stem from having a meticulous system of quality control. Not only do we follow all the rules, but we also assign a project manager to oversee your remodel. This individual will periodically stop by to ensure everything is running smoothly and up to our standards.

Then, when the project is complete, the project manager will complete a final walkthrough. At this time, you will also inspect it to ensure you are 100% satisfied. Only then will we consider the project a success.

Our Core Values Are Our Guidelines For Success

While all our materials have installation guidelines, we also have a set of guidelines for how we behave and run our business. These core values shape everything we do.


Our customers must know they can rely on us in all things. That’s why we’re always on time, provide accurate quotes, and always courteous.


While many companies will hide things from their customers to make their jobs easier, we believe in being 100% honest and upfront with ours, treating them how we would want to be treated.


When you choose an exterior remodeling company, it’s important to know that you can rely on them. That’s why when we say we’ll do something, we do it. We show up when you expect us to and answer the phone when you call.


Unfortunately, sometimes accidents or mistakes happen. You’ll never catch us trying to get out of handling the situation. We’re always upfront and honest about owning our actions, and we will fix the problem as quickly as possible.


Your experience is about more than just your project. We want to ensure everything goes smoothly and you enjoy everything. That’s why we talk through problems and are always available.

If You Need Home Exterior Repair In Doylestown, PA,
Turn To Banes Roofing

When your Doylestown, PA, home’s exterior is looking a little worse for wear, it’s time to get a home exterior repair. Don’t pick just any company for the job – choose the one you can rely on.

Here at Banes Roofing, we strive to ensure your home looks like no damage has occurred. Even the most discerning eye won’t be able to see through our professional repair work.

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