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Premium-Quality Commercial Roofing
In Doylestown, PA

We Offer Targeted, Long-Term Roofing Solutions

Your commercial roof is critical to the protection of your assets at your Doylestown, PA, business. When there’s a problem, a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solution isn’t going to cut it. That’s why we get down to the bottom of your roofing problems at Banes Roofing to find the source. It’s how we provide lasting solutions that work.

The number one quality you’ll get with us is honesty. You’re guaranteed a straight answer as to whether you need a simple repair job or if you’re going to need a complete commercial roof replacement.

Every roof is unique and requires a special approach. We’ll tailor the solution to your specific problems and provide a targeted approach for long-lasting results.

Commercial Roof Replacement

We focus on using Carlisle commercial roofing products for our commercial roof replacements. These products are the industry’s forerunners, paving the way with their innovation. They’re durable, efficient, and offer more value for your dollar.

Commercial Roof Repair

When it comes to commercial roof repair, we dive deep into the problem until we get to the source of the issue. This is the only way to ensure the problem doesn’t come right back after we repair the damage. We’ll always keep you informed and provide you with the best possible solution.

Banes Roofing Only Offers Premium Roofing Products

We are very critical of any products we select for our customers’ roofs. They have to meet the highest standards to even be considered. These premium products stand out from the rest of those available on the market for several important qualities.

They are highly durable. No one wants to continually replace their roof – ideally, it will last for decades. That’s why all the materials we choose are sturdy and long-lasting. When we install a roof, it will stand the test of time.

You’ll get top-notch performance out of your new roof. Whether you have a Carlisle commercial roof or a GAF residential roof installed, the performance will be unmatched by any competitor. Our premium products outshine everything else on the market.

Every Roof Is Installed Flawlessly

All materials come with the manufacturer’s installation guidelines, and we’re one of the few that follow them to the letter. We believe it’s essential to follow these guidelines, as roofing materials are meant to be assembled in a precise method. Not adhering to the guidelines will lead to total disaster, regardless of how amazing the products are.

Because of this, we’ll never install a new roof over an old one. If a customer asks us to do this, we politely decline the job and move on. There is a right way to install a roof, and that’s just not it.

We have a meticulous mindset when it comes to our installation practices. We understand that one slip-up or cut corner can quickly steamroll into something much bigger. That’s why we don’t let these minor errors happen – not even once.

You’re Guaranteed Absolute Professionalism
From Banes Roofing

We pride ourselves on our professionalism at your home or business and treat your property with the respect it deserves. Your landscape and building will be protected from damage throughout your entire roofing project. Once we’re done, we’ll comb through your lawn to ensure we get all the stray nails that may have fallen.

Communication is crucial, and we keep you updated throughout your project. We establish how you want us to talk to you and then maintain that communication. We’ll update you on the project and send you pictures of how it’s progressing when you’re not home.

When we give you a quote, that’s the quote. If we forgot something, it’s on us – you won’t see that charge later. We keep things as accurate as possible. We believe in no changes and no surprises.

For All Your Commercial Roofing Needs In Doylestown, PA,
Trust Banes Roofing For Premium Results

If you’re having trouble with your commercial roof in Doylestown, PA, turn to a company you can trust to get the job done right with quality materials.

Here at Banes Roofing, we’re highly selective about the materials we use and always follow the manufacturer’s directions on installations. You’re guaranteed a flawless installation or repair when you choose us.

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