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Are you searching for a reliable roofing contractor in Collegeville, PA? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Banes Roofing, we specialize in all types of residential and commercial roofing services. We also offer exceptional residential exterior remodeling services to boost your home’s curb appeal and turn heads in the neighborhood.

Residential Roofing

We offer comprehensive residential roofing services to handle all your needs. No matter what type of roof you need, we’ll install it by the book, ensuring you get the best, longest-lasting results. We specialize in the following services:

Our service work on residential roofing will keep your roof in top shape for years.

Residential Siding

Top-quality siding is easy to spot from a distance, making it essential to choose the right brand and company for the job. Here at Banes Roofing, we only use the highest-quality materials for all our siding installations. You have your choice of exceptional vinyl siding or the ever-popular James Hardie siding.


While you probably don’t think about your gutters too often, we put a lot of thought into them. We know how important they are to protect your home from damage, but we also know the installation process can be stressful. So, we developed the smoothest process possible for installing the ideal gutters for your Montgomery County home.

Windows & Doors

When it comes to our windows and doors, we work with the leading manufacturers to guarantee the highest quality to all our customers. You’ll enjoy the beautiful style and a boost to your home’s energy efficiency. Choose the perfect material and design that matches your home and accents its aesthetic.

Commercial Roofing

Choosing an honest commercial roofing contractor in Collegeville, PA, is easy when you turn to Banes Roofing. We specialize in EPDM and TPO roofing options for your business. Whether you need a commercial roof replacement or need a few repairs, we have you covered with our thorough, no stone left uncovered services.

Our service work on commercial roofing will keep your roof going strong.

Commercial Gutters

While repairing or replacing your commercial roof, we can also replace your gutters. They’re just as crucial to your business as they are to your home. We’ll ensure you get the perfect fit to provide the best operation to transport water safely away from your building, preventing unnecessary water damage.

Only The Best Products Go Into Our Installations

One thing our Montgomery County customers can count on, no matter what kind of project they need to be completed, is the premium products we use for everything. Choosing anything less would be a waste of time and money – poorly made products aren’t built to last.

We thoroughly research all our products before we choose them, ensuring they’re of the highest caliber. From our roof materials to our doors, you won’t find anything less than the best.

To pass our test, these products have to offer beauty, brawn, and brains. For example, we rely on GAF roofing materials because they meet all three of these criteria. They’re built to last, standing up to everything our climate has to throw at them. They work smarter than other roofing materials and offer stunning beauty while doing it.

You Can Expect A Flawless Installation

Premium materials will only go so far without a quality installation. All materials come with manufacturer’s guidelines for a reason – not following them can lead to disastrous consequences – including the ultimate failure of your project.

That’s why we’re incredibly meticulous and follow every instruction. When the manufacturers inspect us, we pass with flying colors – every single time.

It’s crucial for us to do the job right the first time. For our team at Banes Roofing, getting a call to fix something that should’ve had the perfect installation is embarrassing and a mark of personal failure.

Banes Roofing Is Always Professional

We’ve all heard horror stories about roofers misbehaving on the job – loud music, foul language, and messy work sites. Here at Banes Roofing, we’re the complete opposite. Instead, you’ll experience our professionalism at every turn.

When we make an appointment with you, you won’t have to wait for us – our “on-time” is early. Your time is precious to you, and it wouldn’t be right if we stole as few as ten minutes of it.

Another thing you can always count on is the quote we give you is guaranteed. If we forget something, it’s on us. You’ll never see that charge added in later. Accuracy is our goal in everything, including your quote.

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If it’s time to replace or repair your roof, turn to the best roofing contractor in Collegeville, PA. Here at Banes Roofing, we strive to ensure you have the best experience possible from start to finish.

From our professional team to our expert installations, your exterior remodeling project will be unlike anything you have ever experienced in the past. You can trust us to treat you right every step of the way.

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