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Professional Roofers in Bucks County, PA

As a Bucks County, PA homeowner or business owner, what’s most important to you when needing to hire a roofing company? What is it that you want most in the roofers and contractors you trust to repair your Bucks County, PA home or business’s roof? Well, you’ll probably want a company with roofers who have years of experience, are highly trained, offer a wide selection of shingle types, use the best roofing materials, have an established reputation, offer emergency repairs, and are certified in some way. If these are the requirements you appreciate most in roofers, then Banes Roofing is the roofing contractor you need.

We’ve been operating in Bucks County, PA since 1950. Offering roofing replacement, repair, and installation, while also acting as a siding contractor in Bucks County, PA, our reputation is built on maintaining long-standing customer relationships. We’ve been installing and repairing roofs for some of our Bucks, County, PA customers for decades, continually helping our neighbors protect their homes, property values, loved ones, and valuables.

We aren’t just any roofing company. We challenge ourselves to be the very best we can be. We do it for our customers, for our reputation and to ensure our roofers have the very best possible training. This continuous improvement mindset is how we became a GAF Master Elite Certified roofing company – an incredibly stringent program and certification that less than 3 percent of roofing contractors have nationwide.

It’s this undying commitment to providing homeowners and businesses with the highest quality roofing service that has allowed us to become a mainstay in Bucks County, PA.

If you are looking for contractors that perform expert roofing in Newtown, PA, or need roofing repair, maintenance, and servicing, then Banes Roofing is the roofing company you can trust to do the job right.

We Have 70+ Years of Roofing Experience

Our success is entirely owed to our customers. We recognize that their trust and faith in us is why we’ve been so successful for the past 70-plus years. However, it’s exactly because we recognize the importance of our customers that we continually strive for perfection.

This drive to provide customers with everything they could ask for from a roofing contractor ensures that we perform roof repair, replacement, and installation as if we were working on our very own homes or businesses. To stay ahead of competitors means we have to continually keep up with emerging roofing trends and the latest in roofing installation approaches, processes, and technologies.

It’s partly why we devoted ourselves to becoming a GAF Master Elite Certified roofing company. We saw the certification as the perfect embodiment of who we are as contractors and roofers. We wanted something that demonstrated our commitment to the craft of roofing.

It doesn’t matter what kind of roof your Bucks County, PA home or business has. An asphalt shingle roof, standing seam roof, flat roof, low-sloped roof, cedar shake roof, commercial business roof – it doesn’t matter. We’ve installed it. We’ve repaired it. We’ve inspected it, and we’ve been doing it successfully for 70 years.

Our Roof Installation Process 

Our roof installation process often depends upon the type of roof we’re working on and the type of shingles we’re installing. However, by and large, most roof shingle installations start with us removing the old roof while inspecting the decking to ensure it’s usable and not ruined by moisture or mold. If it is, we then replace the decking before installing the water and ice barrier.

The water and ice barrier is used to provide a watertight – or airtight – seal before the shingles are nailed in place. Using nothing but the highest quality ice barrier, this all-important protection helps guard against leaks even in extreme conditions where high winds blow, remove, or dislodge shingles from your roof.

We then install the underlayment material with the flashing on top. The flashing is used to divert rainwater and melted snow away from your roof towards your gutters. It’s an essential step that ensures rainwater doesn’t seep through any unnoticed cracks. We then install the strip and shingles and ensure all corners and points where the shingles intersect are protected by ridge caps.

  1. Remove old roof
  2. Inspect decking for mold, moisture, or rot
  3. Replace decking if needed
  4. Install water and ice barrier
  5. Apply underlayment material
  6. Apply flashing
  7. Install the starter strip and start to nail the shingles
  8. Ensure all hips and ridgescorners are protected by ridge caps

Emergency Roof Repair Services

Our Banes Roofing contractors and roofers also perform critical emergency roof repair services for our Bucks County, PA customers. Regardless of the damage your roof has encountered, we’re there in an instant to help get you back on your feet.

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