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To repair or to replace your Tri-County roof – that is the question.

And at Banes Roofing, we have a well-thought-out, 100% honest answer for you. We don’t offer you an off-the-cuff solution to your roofing woes, and we NEVER bend the truth. What we see is what we tell you – and we’re spot-on 99.9% of the time.

Here’s a peek at our scrupulous roof repair process:

  • Our service crew will come down to your home to investigate your leak or damaged area of your roof.
  • The service techs will diagnose the leak and track down where it originated from.
  • Our service techs will expertly patch the leak or repair the damaged portion of your roof.
  • We do a final walk-through with the homeowner to ensure you’re completely satisfied.
  • Throughout the process, we’re careful to take before and after pictures for documentation purposes.

Bottom line: We don’t call it a day unless you’re happy, we’re happy, and your roof is happy.

Why Choose Banes Roofing?

Professional To The Core: You can count on us to show up on time, be respectful of you and your home, and leave your home spotless. Our professional mindset manifests itself in how we speak, act, and think.

  • Carlisle Perfection Award Winner: We’re one of the only Tri-County roofers who won this prestigious award. We earned this award for our track record of meticulous installation and A+ inspections.
  • Rules Are Rules: We follow recommended installation standards and manufacturer guidelines to a tee. That’s how we ensure that you get the maximum benefit from our premium products.
  • 70 Years Of Honing Our Craft: We’re not a pop-up shop – we’ve been around the block (link to our story) and then some. When you entrust your roof to us, you can feel confident that it’s in good hands.

Residential Roof Shingle Repair Bucks Lehigh Montgomery Counties

5 Signs You Need A Roof Repair Yesterday

#1: Shingle Shenanigans

The biggest sign that you need a roof repair is the state of your shingles. Look at your shingles – really look at them. Are they…

  • Cracking, curling, or falling off – either post-storm or due to old age
  • Dark or wet because of moisture accumulation
  • Crumbling into your gutter

If you’re experiencing any of the above shingle problems, contact us right away to assess the damage and come up with an effective solution.

#2: Chimney Trouble

The area around your chimney, and any roof penetration, is particularly vulnerable to damage and wear and tear. If you notice these areas wearing away, you probably need a roof repair asap.

#3: Ceiling Stains

Any discoloration on your walls or ceilings is a sign that moisture is leaking through your roof and entering your home. The typical culprit for this is damage to the layer underneath your shingles – the underlayment.

When the underlayment does not perform its job correctly – either due to wear and tear, improper installation, or storm-related damage – moisture can seep into your home.

#4: Peeling Paint

When moisture accumulates near your roofline, the paint on the exterior of your home can begin to peel and warp. This can indicate that your attic ventilation is inadequate – either due to issues with your drainage system or damage to another part of your roof.

#5: Expensive Energy

Have you noticed a spike in your energy bills but chalked it up to a fluke?

You may want to reconsider that. When your roof has cracks and damaged areas, heated and cooled air can leak out of your home, and outdoor air seeps into your home. This causes your HVAC system to overwork, which leads to a spike in energy costs.

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