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If you’re a building owner in the Tri-State Delaware Valley, the last thing you want to see are signs that your commercial roof is in distress. But, since your roof is your building’s first line of protection… it’s also the first line of defense against the elements – and the first to be punctured, worn down, and eroded. This results in:

Deterioration of flashing and ventilation

Leaks and cracks

Damage to the rooftop, decking, and underlayment

Wear and tear, age, and rough weather can be unkind to your roof – whether you’re in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware. Want to reverse the damage for good? Choose Banes Roofing – the commercial roofers who will be KIND to your roof…

Bottom line: We’re dedicated to your roof’s durability. We’re devoted to your happiness. And our commercial roof repairs are 100% DEPENDABLE.

Roof Repair Rulebook

When we repair your commercial roof, we don’t just wing it. We have hard and fast rules that we follow EVERY time we tackle a roof repair.

Rule #1: Get to the source of the issue no matter how long it takes:

We use every resource at our disposal to get to the crux of your roofing issue. When tracing a leak, a visual inspection is often only the first step for us.

Based on what we find, we may determine that an infrared inspection is needed. In that case, we’ll come back at night to scan your roof with our specialized infrared roofing scanner. This will enable us to see moisture in your roof that is otherwise invisible. We can then gauge how much moisture is in your roof and where the water penetration occurred.

In some cases, we’ll also do a water test to definitively find out where the leak is originating from. Typically, when conducting a water test, we’ll recreate the leak to trace it back to the source.

Rule #2: Communicate. Communicate. Communicate:

When you call us for a roof repair, sometimes that’s all you need. Other times, your roof can’t be salvaged, and you need to replace it as soon as possible. Sometimes, we might be able to repair your roof temporarily, but you’ll need a roof replacement in a few years. Often, we notice other areas of your roof – like the ventilation and drainage systems – that need some work.

The common denominator in all these scenarios? We ALWAYS tell you what we find and what your options are. We never leave you in the dark. When we’re done inspecting your roof – whatever we know, you know.

Rule #3: NO sloppy solutions allowed:

Some roofing companies want to get away with as little as possible. We’re the opposite – we want to be absolutely certain that we gave you the BEST possible roof repair. That’s why we pay attention to every little detail, we follow every single manufacturing guideline, and every single roof repair we do is a long-term solution.

Carlisle Perfection Award Banes Roofing Commercial Roof Repair

Carlisle’s Perfection Award

Every year, Carlisle gives an award to a small group of roofers. The reward is aptly named “Perfection Award,” and the receiver of this award demonstrated… you guessed it – perfection.

To win the award, you need at least a seven-year track record of top-notch installation and warranty claim performance. We’re proud winners of this award – and we’re even more proud of our flawless roofs.

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