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If you need commercial roofing services in the Delaware Valley, Banes Roofing has you covered. We don’t believe in using one-size-fits-all solutions because every property’s roof is different. We’ll complete a thorough inspection, identify all problems, and develop the ideal solution for your specific situation.

Whether you need a complete replacement or repairs to handle your Commercial Roofing Problems in Pennsylvania, Delaware, or New Jersey, we’ll give you an honest, reliable answer that gets to the heart of the matter. We rely on the best products the industry has to offer, ensuring you get high-quality results.

Commercial Roof Replacement

When it comes down to commercial roofing products for our Delaware Valley customers, we don’t settle for anything less than Carlisle. Find out exactly why we believe wholeheartedly in this brand.

Commercial Roof Repair

If you have roof damage, you need long-lasting, effective roof repair solutions.

Commercial Roofing Gallery

View our past work to see exactly what we can accomplish for your project.

Why Choose Banes Roofing For Your
Commercial Roofing Needs?

We Don’t Believe In Half-Baked Solutions Or Cutting Corners

At Banes Roofing, we don’t do anything halfway. You’ll never catch us looking for the easy way out. There’s never a time when we try to force a generic solution on a unique situation. Here’s what this will mean for your commercial roof in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware:


  • We’re 100% honest all the time: We’ll tell you if you only need a minor repair instead of a total roof replacement. On the other hand, if you need to replace your roof in a year or two, we’ll tell you that, too. If we can find a way for you to save money, we’ll absolutely let you know.
  • We don’t stop until we know what’s actually wrong with your roof: When you hire a roofer, and they don’t take the time or aren’t invested in getting to the heart of your roofing problem, you’ll likely face the same issue time and again. We’ll take the time to find out where your leak is coming from, how deep the damage goes, and how well your ventilation and drainage systems are performing. We leave no stone unturned.
  • Our long-term solutions are targeted: Each roof is unique, which is why all roof replacement and repair solutions must be unique to the specific roof. At Banes Roofing, we’ll work with you to ensure we find the ideal solution perfectly tailored to your roof.
  • Our workmanship is as close to perfect as possible: Your roof will only be as good as the quality of the roof’s installation. Because of this, we’re hyper-focused on following all standards of installation, manufacturing guidelines, and best practices.


When Banes Roofing is in charge of your commercial roofing project, you can rest easy with total peace of mind.

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