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Banes Roofing Job & Employment Opportunities

Wanted: Passionate, Positive, Reliable Rockstars For Our Tight-Knit, Family-Owned Business.

Are you passionate about helping people?

Do honesty, integrity, and hard work matter to you?

Do you want a fulfilling career at a company that treats you right and pays you your worth?

If so, Banes Roofing wants YOU.

We’re a family-owned roofing business that’s been around since 1950. As an ever-growing company, we’re always on the lookout for talented, driven people to add to our team.

Here is what you can expect when you’re part of the Banes Roofing team…

Installer Benefits (Independent Contractors)

  • Excellent Pay: Our installers are the best of the best… and we pay them like it.
  • On-Time Weekly Payments: You get paid every single week—period. (We DO NOT hold your wages hostage until a job is done.)
  • Full-Time Work: We’ve got more than enough jobs to keep you busy… and then some.
  • Flexible Hours: We’re willing to accommodate the schedule that works for you.
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Our installers are the backbone of our company. We truly value what you bring to our company. It might sound cliché, but we treat you like part of the Banes family!

Employee Benefits (Non-Installer Positions)

  • Excellent Pay: We hire only the top talent—and we pay them their worth.
  • Great Benefits: Our employees receive paid time off, healthcare benefits, 401Ks, and more.
  • Ample Opportunity: We don’t offer just “jobs.” We offer careers and ample room to grow and move up in our company.
  • Company Vehicles: Our in-the-field employees (ex: Consultants, Project Managers) use our company-branded vehicles for transportation.
  • Owners Who CARE: We’re a third-generation-owned family business. Our owners are “people” people who consider you part of the family.
  • Positive, Supportive Atmosphere: Everyone at Banes is friendly and always willing to help. We’re a tight-knit team that fosters a positive work environment!

The Qualities We Look For…

  • Ability To Be A Team Player: You work well with others and are always happy to help a team member when you can.
  • Ability To Problem Solve: You’ve got critical thinking skills to come up with solutions to problems independently. (And you know when to turn to others for help.)
  • Reliability:You’re punctual, trustworthy, and take responsibility for your work and actions.
  • Good Communication Skills: You’re friendly and know how to communicate well with customers and fellow employees.
  • Willingness To Learn:You’re eager to improve your skills, learn new things, and expand your knowledge.

Current Openings

Coming Soon!

If you’re interested in being part of the Banes Roofing team, email us your resume at info@banesroofing.net . Title the email with the job position for which you’re applying.

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