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Why You Should Get Your Roof Inspected After Severe Weather

April 21, 2023

Why You Should Get Your Doylestown, PA,
Home’s Roof Inspected After
Severe Weather

The Hidden Damage A Storm Can Cause

When severe weather passes over your Doylestown, PA, home, you may not think too much about it. However, it’s a great idea to have your asphalt shingle roofing inspected following severe weather to ensure there is no damage you can’t see. Small problems can lead to significant issues that are very costly when they are not addressed promptly.

If the inspection uncovers the need for any asphalt shingle roof repair, you can have it quickly taken care of before it grows into a situation where you need asphalt shingle roof replacement. Here’s a look at why a roof inspection is beneficial following severe weather.

Assessing Invisible Damage

Even if you try looking at your roof from the ground or get on a ladder following a severe storm, you will likely not see any hidden damage. Most Bucks County homeowners are not experienced in finding problems that asphalt shingle roofing contractors look for routinely in their inspections.

While everything may look fine from a distance, a closer look may reveal issues. You may miss leaks inside the home and trouble spots that are likely to lead to severe problems in the future. Without the inspection completed, there’s a strong chance you won’t know you have a problem with your roof until it’s too late and the repairs are expensive.

Saving Money

Going hand in hand with assessing invisible damage to your roof material asphalt is the money you will save from having a professional complete the inspection. While it may seem like small problems are no big deal, they can lead to many significant issues as time passes. Often, the only way you’ll know anything is wrong is through one of these inspections.

Once the inspection is completed, you can quickly act on any needed repairs on your Doylestown, PA, home’s roof. Taking immediate action on the minor issues will prevent them from escalating, which is where exceptional savings come in for you.

Helping With Insurance Claims

If you have a significant enough problem and you’ll need to file an insurance claim, having a professional inspection of your asphalt shingles will get you off to a great start.

Most professional roofing contractors know how to handle insurance claims and the steps. While you can try to identify the damage on your own, they’ll have more knowledge and experience.

They can help you collect the photo and video evidence your insurance company will require and help you write a detailed summary that must be included.

Having Peace Of Mind

Severe weather can bring about a high level of uncertainty, leaving you wondering if everything is still alright with your shingle asphalt roof. Having a professional roofing inspection completed can put your mind at ease.

Whether everything turns out fine or you need to repair minor damage, you’ll have excellent peace of mind with the outcome. Taking care of small problems today will keep your roof solid and healthy for its expected lifespan.

Know What To Look For With Water Damage

Your roof asphalt shingles might look great from the ground or even if you get on the roof for a closer look. To the untrained eye, it can be hard to determine where water damage is from looking at the outside.

Bucks County professional roofing contractors have extensive experience in this area. Water damage often goes undetected for extended periods by homeowners. When you start seeing signs inside, the damage is generally profound and costly to repair. A professional inspection can help you prevent water damage from escalating.

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