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What To Expect During A Roof Replacement Project

April 18, 2023
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What To Expect During A Roof Replacement
Project In Doylestown, PA

From The Consultation To The Walkthrough,
Every Part Of The Job

Deciding to replace your Doylestown, PA, home’s asphalt shingle roofing is a big deal and a significant investment. But most homeowners will replace their roofs at least once in their lifetime – so knowing what’s involved in the process will help ensure your new roof is installed correctly.

To help ease your stress, the experts here at Banes Roofing have outlined the steps. From your initial consultation to your final walkthrough, you’ll know exactly what to expect from your asphalt shingle roof replacement project.

The In-Home Consultation

When you’re in the process of hiring your asphalt shingle roofing contractors, you’ll likely have several in-home consultations. During these demonstrations, the prospective companies you are interested in working with will send a specialist to your home to discuss the details of your project needs and provide you with all the information on the best asphalt roofing shingles.

Throughout this process, it’s essential to filter out the riff-raff and ensure you hire a legit roofing company that will provide high-quality results. Anything less than a flawless installation is unacceptable. 

You can learn more about the companies you are meeting with by reading their customer reviews and interviewing their references. After the in-home consultation, you’ll receive a quote, and things will progress with the company you agree to work with.

In addition, a trustworthy Bucks County roofing company will let you know if you can solve your problems with an asphalt shingle roof repair instead of a complete replacement project.

Ordering And Delivery Of Your Materials

Most asphalt shingles roofing contractors don’t keep an abundant supply of materials on hand, so when you agree to the quote and sign the contract, they’ll order all the parts for your new roof.

A few days before your installation date, your new roof asphalt shingles will arrive – along with one or two dumpsters. You’ll need to prepare a space for these items to give your roofers convenient access.

Preparing For The Roof Installation

The day before your asphalt shingle roofing installation, you must ensure your home is ready for the crew. This requires performing a few tasks around the house, including the following:

  • Taking all breakable items off the walls
  • Moving your vehicle away from the home to prevent damage
  • Moving anything movable away from the exterior of the home
  • Having a plan in place for pets and small children
  • Trimming or tying back any branches or bushes that are too close to the home and will prevent easy access to the roof

Protecting Your Property

When your Doylestown, PA, roofing contractors arrive, one of the first things they’ll do is set up protection for your property. This includes covering windows, laying tarps over plants and shrubs, and placing tarps over the lawn. 

The Tear-Off Phase

It’s essential that the roofers protect your property because the right way to install a new shingle asphalt roof is to tear off the old one completely. During this phase, they’ll remove all your old roof material to get down to the decking so that they can inspect for any signs of underlying damage. 

Any time your Bucks County roofer plans to install your new roof over the top of your old roof, it’s critical to stop them. Before you sign your contract, you’ll need to ensure it’s in their plans to remove all old material before installing anything new

Inspection Of The Decking

With the roof decking laid bare, it will be thoroughly inspected for rot, soft spots, and moisture damage. Any problem areas will be repaired or replaced, ensuring your new roof will be built on top of a solid foundation.

At this stage, your wood decking should also be renailed to guarantee it is fully secured. Failing to renail it can lead to unsightly bumps on your new shingles that will require attention.

Installation Of Critical Components

After the wood decking is thoroughly prepared and reattached, the drip edge will be installed at all roof edges. Its purpose is to keep water from seeping in underneath the asphalt shingle roofing, where it will cause significant damage.

At this time, the ice and water shield will also be installed around all penetrations and the bottom of the roof. This particular type of underlayment will prevent water from infiltrating the roof decking – which must always be kept dry to keep it safe from damage.

Next, your full underlayment is installed. Often referred to as felt, this material helps keep moisture off the roof decking.

Installation Of Your New Shingles

After all the essential components you don’t see on a completed roof are installed, your roofers will begin placing your new asphalt shingle roofing material. They’ll start from the bottom to work their way to the top.

Manufacturers’ guidelines will be followed for the ideal placement of shingles and the number of roofing nails used per shingle. This ensures your warranty will be honored should something happen with the materials.

Thorough Cleanup Of The Site

Once the roof replacement is completed, your contractors will thoroughly clean up your property. They’ll use special tools to find any loose nails dropped in the yard. Your old shingles will be hauled away. When you hire a reputable roofing contractor, your home will show no signs of having a roof replacement except for the new roof.

The Final Walkthrough

The project manager will complete a final walkthrough to ensure the workmanship is up to the company’s standards. They will address any questions or concerns you may have about the process. If there are any problems, they should be addressed on the spot, with no questions asked.

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