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What To Do in a Roofing Disaster/Emergency

November 25, 2022

What To Do In A Roofing Disaster Or
Emergency In Telford, PA

Steps You Need To Take To Handle A Crisis Situation

As a homeowner in Telford, PA, the last thing you expect is to handle a roofing disaster or emergency. Unfortunately, these situations happen, so it’s best to prepare yourself with information for the worst. Understanding the steps you must take following an emergency or disaster is key to handling the problem as efficiently as possible.

Here at Banes Roofing, we developed this guide to help you through the crisis. It will provide insight into what you must do to work through the unfortunate circumstances as calmly as possible.

Stay Calm And Get To Safety

The first thing you need to do is get your family to safety. If there is severe damage to your roof, you may need to evacuate your home. For example, if a tree has fallen on your home, it can cause extreme structural damage that can make the rest of your home unstable and unsafe.

If it’s not safe to leave the house due to the weather outside, you’ll need to gather everyone in a centralized location within the house to wait out the rest of the storm. Once the storm is over, you’ll need to prepare to assess the damage and get repairs completed.

While panic is easy in this situation, staying calm is key to thinking clearly and not making rash decisions. Unfortunately, following a storm, many companies commonly referred to as “storm chasers” make their way around to families who have experienced severe damage. Similar to ambulance chasers, these companies offer things like residential roofing services.

It’s best to steer clear of people like this, as they are often not legitimate companies, frequently running scams or completing shoddy work for high prices.

With a calm mindset, you’ll be able to think your way through decisions, avoiding rash decisions that would lead you to choose one of these disreputable characters.

Make A Visual Assessment Of The Damage

You’ll need to assess the damage visually. It’s best not to climb a ladder and do this from the roof, especially if you think there could be structural damage. Do the best you can from the ground to avoid injury.

Make the best notes you can on the extent of the damage. Identify where it is, what type of damage it is, and how large the area is.

If you’ve found places where the roof is leaking, you’ll need to move your valuables and furniture to safety. This will prevent mold and mildew, which would otherwise increase the damage that needs fixing. Additionally, placing buckets underneath the water will help contain the leak until a professional can make repairs.

Contact A Local Roofer With An Excellent Reputation

Once you’ve completed your assessment, you’re ready to call a local residential roofing company. You’ll want to choose one with an excellent reputation known for going above and beyond to help its customers. 

It’s essential to make this call as quickly as possible if storm damage is widespread. Roofing companies will be getting calls from all over town, which could put you further down the list, depending on their workload and available staff.

They’ll need as much information from you as possible. From the extent of the damage to the type of material on your roof, the more data you can give their team, the quicker and more accurate the results.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Another important phone call you will need to make is to your insurance company. They’ll generally need the information you provided to the residential roofing company. Providing them with pictures of the damage will also most likely be a requirement. However, as a reminder, you should not put yourself in danger to get these pictures.

When speaking with your roofing contractor, you should also ask if they help with insurance company negotiations. Often it’s better to have help when working through the process, as the contractor will understand roofs better than an insurance adjuster.

Clearly Understand Your Contract

Once you receive a roof repair or replacement contract, ensure you understand it completely. If you have any questions, clarify them with your residential roofing contractor. 

The contract should clearly list the following:

  • Work that’s being completed
  • List of all materials that will be used
  • Approximate timeline
  • Pricing
  • Warranty

When Disaster Strikes At Your Telford, PA, Home,
Choose A Roofing Company You Can Trust

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For us, there’s no other way to be than upfront and honest with every customer. Additionally, we own every one of our actions, even if we mess up. You can count on us to do the right thing for you every time.

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