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We’re The Elite Gold Medalists Of Tri-County Roofing

February 1, 2023
Residential Roofing

We Are The Roofing Olympic Gold Medalists Of
Tri-County Residential And Commercial Roofers

Very Few Roofers Make It To Our Level Of
Mastery And Craftsmanship (97% Don’t)

GAF, or General Aniline & Film, is one of the leading manufacturers of roofing shingles in the Tri-County area and nationwide. With a substantial history and over $3 billion in total sales backing their name, they are the authority in roofing material manufacturing.

So when it comes to GAF’s warranties, they don’t just let any roofer offer them. And while many Tri-County roofers may dream of providing GAF’s best warranties – well, we’ll put it as nicely as we can: they haven’t proven themselves to be good enough to offer GAF’s top warranty.

But we have, and with flying colors, which puts us in the top 3% of roofers nationwide.

We’re Banes Roofing – the GAF Master Elite Certified Tri-County roofer who goes for gold in every project we undertake. 

But who really wins gold in the end? You do.

We’ve earned GAF’s hard-earned trust, so they gave us the keys to offer their top-tier warranty – the GAF Master Elite Golden Pledge Warranty.

How we reached this point tells the deeper story of why, at Banes Roofing, we’re exceptional roofers – down to each and every nail

How We Earned And Keep Earning
GAF’s Unwavering Trust

Many Tri-County roofers will use fancy marketing jargon and terminology that may lead you to believe they’re the real deal. But those are their words, not someone else’s. Can that really, truly be trusted?

Here’s the thing about our GAF Master Elite Certification: it all relies on GAF’s continued inspections, vetting, and their faith in us.

GAF offers a wide array of warranties: Shingle & Accessory, Roofing System, System Plus, and Silver Pledge Limited Warranties. But NONE of them offer the twenty-five-year (and up to thirty years for their Timberline® shingles) workmanship warranty of their Master Elite Golden Pledge Warranty.

That decade and a half of additional trust GAF gives their Golden Pledge Master Elite installers, like Banes Roofing, is a MASSIVE distinction. Here are some of the methods they perform to thoroughly vet their Golden Pledge contractors:

  • Ensure the roofer has been in consecutive business for seven years, with a minimum of one year in their certified program.
  • Perform deep inspections of completed roofing projects, sometimes random and unannounced. 
  • Internally vet the roofer to ensure they are running their business ethically.
  • Check for great credit, a clean banking record, and a positive BBB rating.

We would delve deeper into the nuts and bolts – or a roofer would say, nails and shingles – of GAF’s thorough and consistent screening, but that would bore you.

What matters is that we’re being held to an exceptionally high standard, which is why we CONSISTENTLY deliver exceptionally high results for you.

Throughout our entire process from beginning to end, and even after your project is done, you’ll know you’re getting the roof you deserve. 

In The End, It’s Only Your Trust In Us That Matters

Certifications, accolades, awards, and warranties are great, but that’s not what we ultimately aim for. The only thing that matters is if, in the end, these distinctions serve as a way to earn your trust.

When it comes time for you to put your unwavering trust in a roofer, you can rest assured as it’s already been recognized by the top roofing materials manufacturer in North America. 

Now that you’re ready to give your Tri-County roof the treatment it deserves, and from a contractor who will treat it like gold, contact Banes Roofing for a free quote today!

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