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We’re GO CRAZY Over Manufacturer Guidelines

March 12, 2024

We’re The Greater Philly Roofer Who Follows
Manufacturer Guidelines To A “T”

… And We’re Also The Ones Who Can’t
STAND The Corner Cutters Who Don’t

If a Bucks County roofing contractor “cut corners” on your roof, would you even know?

Probably not. At least, not at first. A poorly installed roof may look good after installation, but it won’t stand the test of time.

And when the time comes to repair your roof earlier than expected? There’s a pretty good chance your manufacturer warranty is voided because of avoidable mistakes made during installation.

But at Banes Roofing, we’re GAF Master Elite installers, and we ensure your warranty isn’t voided — ever. We follow EVERY guideline and provide you with the BEST manufacturer warranty in the industry.

GAF Master Elite Status Means We Follow The Rules

Simply put, we follow manufacturer guidelines because it gives you a roof that LASTS. And in the incredibly rare event a natural disaster damages your roof, you’re still covered because your roof was installed according to the guidelines. In other words, our meticulous efforts ensure your warranty is NEVER voided and always honored by GAF.

Now you might be thinking… can’t every other roofing contractor who uses GAF also offer the same warranty?


You see, GAF doesn’t offer their best warranty to just anyone. Only the BEST roofers can offer their Golden Pledge Warranty.

In fact, only 3% of roofing contractors receive GAF Master Elite status – and Banes Roofing is one of them.

What does this mean for YOU?

Well, it means you receive an UNBEATABLE warranty, which offers:

  • 25 years of workmanship coverage
  • 50 years of non-prorated coverage on shingle defects
  • Lifetime warranty on installation labor — including shingle replacement

On the contrary, choosing a roofing contractor that cuts corners means a likelihood of a voided warranty if disaster strikes.

Now, knowing if a contractor “cheaps out” and cuts corners is a major challenge. So, the only REAL way to ensure this doesn’t happen to you is to choose a GAF Master Elite Installer (with a pristine local reputation, to boot).

Where Other Greater Philly Roofers Slack Off&hellip
We Go The Extra Mile.

All manufacturers have guidelines — from GAF roofing shingles to CertainTeed Vinyl Siding, proper installation is REQUIRED. And as discussed before, improper installation can void your manufacturer warranty.

This is why it’s CRUCIAL to hire reputable and experienced roofing contractors. If you’re in the Greater Philadelphia area, this means choosing Banes Roofing. We follow all manufacturer guidelines and keep your manufacturer warranty intact.

Here are some (but not all) of the GAF requirements we follow:

  • We use 4-6 nails for EVERY shingle.
  • We ensure strategic ventilation installation.
  • We protect your roof with a workmanship warranty and ongoing maintenance services.
  • We use nails that are the PROPER length (typically between 1-2 inches, depending on the type of shingles and underlayment).

What Following Manufacturer Guidelines Means For YOU

We get it — it’s easy to get mad at the manufacturer when warranty claims are denied. But honestly, in most cases with GAF, poor installation is to blame.

The fact is manufacturer guidelines are guidelines for a reason — they’re important.

Without proper installation, roofs fail.

With a roofing installation professional that follows all steps — COMBINED with quality GAF roofing materials — you gain one of the best roofs in all of Greater Philadelphia. You receive:

  • A Roof That Looks Great — The best materials and the best installers, your roof will undoubtedly draw compliments from the neighbors.
  • A Roof That Lasts For Decades — We use the longest-lasting roofing materials… your roof will remain in like-new condition for years to come.
  • And A Warranty Policy That GAF HONORS — As GAF Master Elite installers, we back our work with an unbeatable Golden Pledge Warranty.

Banes Roofing follows all guidelines. We have maintained GAF Master Elite status for years due to our dedication to doing things by the book. The way GAF wants.

We Do Things One Way And One Way Only &ndash

Banes Roofing is a GAF Master Elite certified roofing contractor that follows all the rules. We don’t cut corners. We don’t take shortcuts.

If you need a Bucks County roofer who can handle the demands of a total roofing solution with ease, call us at 215-855-ROOF today for a free quote!

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