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Why We Replaced This Roof Twice In 20 Years

August 26, 2022
Case Study

Why We Replaced This Hatfield Home’s
Roof Twice In 20 Years

Once You’re A Banes Roofing Customer,
You’re Always A Banes Roofing Customer.

Jim is the kind of guy who’s on top of things.

Taxes? Always done by February.

Gas tank? Never dips below half-full.

Expired condiments? Not in Jim’s fridge.

So it’s no surprise that Jim decided to replace his 20-year-old roof a little earlier than most homeowners would.

How do we know? Because we’re the company that replaced his roof in 2002—and then replaced THAT roof in 2022.

Here’s the story…

A Reunion 20 Years In The Making

In 2002, Jim hired us to install a GAF asphalt shingle roof on his Hatfield, PA townhouse. Back then, Tom Banes Sr. was the sole Owner of Banes Roofing… and current Banes Co-Owner Tom Banes Jr. was still a fresh-faced installer!

That meant when Jim called us in June of 2022, the first roof we installed on his home was barely 20 years old. For a GAF roof, that’s roughly “middle-aged.” It’s no longer brand-spanking new, but you can still get 10-15 years of quality performance out of it.

Why, then, would Jim replace his roof?

Well, Jim’s gutters and fascia had taken a beating since we installed his roof in 2002. A storm had come through and knocked over a tree right onto a section of Jim’s gutters. Some of Jim’s fascia was also damaged and falling off.

Jim HAD to get new gutters and fascia—it was that simple. But as we said, Jim is someone who’s on top of things. That’s why he decided to do the “whole enchilada” and replace his roof too.

We Weren’t A Lock For Jim’s New Roof Replacement

Though we installed Jim’s previous roof, we weren’t a lock to be the installer of his new roof. In fact, Jim called another roofer before reaching out to us again.

That’s not because he was dissatisfied with our work the first time—far from it. It’s simply because Jim, being the smart and diligent homeowner he is, wanted to get a few roofing estimates. He had a specific budget in mind, and he wanted to see which local roofers could provide the most bang for his buck.

In other words… we had to EARN Jim’s business all over again.

That was no problem for us. We enjoy educating homeowners on how we provide the best experience, results, and value. And that’s just what we did when we met with Jim the second time around.

Our estimate for a new roof, gutters, and fascia was slightly higher than the other roofer’s estimate. So we walked Jim through exactly what he’d get for his hard-earned dollars. We answered all his questions and took the time to explain precisely what to expect.

Jim appreciated our transparency and honesty. And since we’d already proven to him that we performed top-notch work, Jim picked us as his roofer for a second time.

Roof Replacement: Round Two

After Jim officially picked us, he said he was glad to have us back. He trusted us to get the job done right and provide a stress-free experience.

Here is a breakdown of what we installed on Jim’s home:

  • GAF roofing system with Pewter-colored Timberline HDZ Architectural Shingles
  • Seamless gutters and downspouts with hidden, “no-show” bolts
  • Beautiful, brand-new fascia

Yard Cleanup

As we did 20 years prior, we delivered premium products, elite installation, and an ultra-thorough cleanup process.

That’s the thing about Banes Roofing: true quality NEVER goes out of style.

The Slim Odds Of Finding Your “Forever” Roofer

Just how hard is it to find a roofer you can rely on for years? Consider these statistics from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA):

  • 80% of roofing companies fail within two years
  • 96% of roofing companies fail within five years

In other words: Out of 100 roofing companies that opened five years ago, only FOUR (!!!) would still be in business today.

Long story short: It’s hard enough to find a roofer who will be around five years from now… let alone a roofer you can rely on for multiple projects decades apart.

But everlasting reliability is what you get with Banes Roofing. We’ve been serving the Tri-County area since 1950. We have customers who have been with us for well over 30 years. We even have customers who are the daughters and sons of customers we had in the 1960s!

Bottom line: We’re a roofing contractor you can ALWAYS count on to be there for you—5, 10, and 20+ years from now.

Just ask Jim.

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