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We Treat Our Employees Like Rockstars

March 26, 2024

A Greater Philadelphia Roofer Who Treats Their
Employees With The Respect They Deserve

One Thing More Than Half A Century Of Roofing
Has Taught Us? To Treat Our Crew With
The Utmost Respect!

Maintaining one of the most successful roofing companies in Bucks County for over seventy years takes doing a lot of things right. But we’re here to talk about one in particular (which, to us, is the most important).

Having a team of excellent roofers.

The fact is… our employees are the backbone of our company. They’re what makes us great, and we’re genuinely appreciative of the amazing work they do on every roof replacement.

In return, we treat them the way they deserve to be treated, which, to us, is just the base level of being a good employer who truly values their crew.

  • Our employees are full-time (this means they get full employee benefits).
  • We compensate our employees fairly for being the best at what they do.
  • We provide paid time off, healthcare, 401Ks, and more essential benefits.
  • We promote a fun, friendly, and productive work atmosphere.

Because in the end, if our crew wins… YOU win.

Is Treating Our Team THIS Well Really Necessary?
Well, Yes… Yes It Is.

Let’s pretend we were a Greater Philadelphia roofer with a more questionable moral compass for a moment. We skip out on benefits packages, outsource to subs, and pay less than industry-standard rates. And we’d do it without batting an eye.

Sounds harsh, but it’s the simple reality we’ve come to learn after being a Bucks County roofer for over seventy years.

Here’s the simple fact of the matter: we HATE seeing these things. And if we could rescue all the talent who deserve better treatment, we would. But we’re always fully staffed because of the treatment our crew receives.

But beyond what we do for our employees, let’s talk about why we do it.

  1. Our core values, like trust, integrity, and reliability, are embedded in who we are.
  2. We benefit when our top employees stay with us for the long haul.
  3. Treating employees well ensures they treat YOU well.

Treating Employees Well Comes Naturally…
It’s Just Who We Are

We treat people well – it’s just what we do. And it’s further emphasized by our etched-in-stone core identity. Whether you’re a homeowner, an employee, or a stranger we’ve never met, we treat you with respect, dignity, and friendliness.

But when it comes to our employees, they hold a particularly special place in our hearts. Once you’re an employee of Banes Roofing, you become part of our storied Banes Roofing history and family.

We Want Employees To Stay With Us

We pride ourselves in having the BEST workforce, which, of course, is excellent for us. But just as we are always looking to grow and evolve, so are our top-performing workers. They could make the leap to another roofer who promises them ‘more.’

And believe us, we’ve heard it a MILLION times that turnover is high in the roofing world. But that is not the case with us. Our employee retention rate is extremely high.


Because we treat our team with respect and compensate them with highly competitive rates alongside excellent benefits packages. We also promote from within, so there are ample opportunities to move up within Banes Roofing.

Why Treating Our Employees Well Benefits YOU

You can trust that you are dealing with highly-trained employees throughout your roof replacement – not someone who’s still in training. This means better service without the rookie mistakes.

Our employees are happy because they love their job. And, quite simply, it’s just a better experience dealing with happy people, isn’t it?

But most of all, our employees are qualified and experienced, so you know they’ll deliver a roof you’ll love. We guarantee this.

That said, we’re human, they’re human, you’re human… so if a rare mistake is made, we make things right without question. Plus, because of our workers’ high level of roofing, GAF is comfortable enough to give us their Golden Pledge Warranty, which includes a 50-year non-prorated warranty.

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