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We Helped A Neighbor With This Unusual Roofing Request

May 3, 2024
Case Study

A Neighbor Needed A New Roof – We Gave Them MUCH More

We Paired The Client’s Custom-Fabricated Metal
Ridge Caps With A Brand New Roof

At Banes Roofing, we SERVE the Bucks, Lehigh, and Montgomery County communities. In some cases, that means serving our very own neighbors.

You see, about a year ago, we helped a lovely couple named Harry and Georgia.

And their Banes Roofing project estimator? None other than their very own NEIGHBOR, Joe Scardino.

Approximately a year after helping Harry and Georgia with a complex residential roofing project, Joe (once again) helped another homeowner within his very own neighborhood.

The Problem: The Roof And Ridge Caps Were Unreliable

The homeowner contacted us for roof replacement. They had talked to other Bucks, Lehigh, and Montgomery County roofing companies. And although we weren’t the cheapest option, they were impressed with our work on previous projects similar to his.

More to the point, the homeowner was pleased to know we’d accommodate his unique request with a personalized roofing project.

You see, the homeowner worked in the metal industry, and he knew he could fabricate his own metal ridge caps. But, of course, he needed a professional roofer to install them – so, he chose Banes Roofing. We were happy to oblige his unique request and install custom ridge caps that he fabricated… in addition to a beautiful new roof.

So, all in all, this wasn’t your average roof replacement – it was complex, and there were several layers:

  • The homeowner needed a new roof. This means shingles, ventilation… the whole nine yards.
  • Strong Pennsylvania winds kept blowing off the homeowner’s top ridge caps.
  • There was an issue with rainwater running down the side of their house.
  • The homeowner wanted to install new skylights.

The roof is also a 12/12 roof pitch. In other words, it was approximately a 45-degree angle (or more), and the steep slope made it a major challenge for our highly skilled and experienced roofers.

Less experienced roofers? They’d have little chance to pull off this project with great results and without getting injured.

Where others would balk, we gladly took on the project.

The Solution: A Rock Solid Roof With Metal Ridge Caps

When we say we create an ENTIRE roofing system, we mean it. And that’s precisely what we did with this client. Specifically, this roofing system included:

  • A Brand New, Rock-Solid GAF Roofing System – First things first, we built an awesome roof. This means brand-new GAF asphalt shingles paired with strong underlayment and well-designed ventilation.
  • Custom Fabricated Metal Ridge Caps – We worked closely with the homeowner. He developed the metal ridge caps, and we installed them with perfection.
  • Custom Roof Cricket – We fabricated a custom roof cricket that helped direct rainwater away from the side of the house. This also helps prevent leaves and other debris from collecting on the homeowner’s roof.
  • Skylights – We also installed two state-of-the-art skylights. They were built into the 12-pitch roof. A difficult project, no doubt, but the results are incredible.

As GAF Master Elite Contractors, we have the privilege of offering GAF’s TOP warranty – The Golden Pledge Warranty. This provides the homeowner with 50 YEARS of non-prorated coverage. So, not only is their roofing system rock-solid but it’s protected for the next half-century.

The Strong Metal Ridge Caps Pair Perfectly
With The Homeowner’s New Roof

The client is thrilled with how their roof turned out. And so are we! The roof looks great, and the custom-fabricated metal ridge caps stay in place reliably. It’s always great to help our community neighbors, and we hope (and fully expect) the homeowner and their family to enjoy their brand-new roof for a lifetime.

Whether you’re right next door or 20 miles away, Banes Roofing is here to help with ALL of your roofing needs in Bucks, Lehigh, and Montgomery Counties. Call us today at 215-855-ROOF or contact us for a free quote.

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