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We Drained The Swamp

April 11, 2023
Case Study

The Time We Encountered An Elevated Swamp

And What We Did So It Would Never Happen Again

In Harleysville, PA, a homeowner found themselves facing a concerning situation as wet spots appeared on their ceiling. Their roof, only a few years old, should have provided security and protection. Instead, it was failing, leaving them feeling like they were sinking into a swamp of uncertainty.

In search of solid ground, the homeowner reached out to us at Banes Roofing, as we’ve been a local staple in roofing solutions since 1950 and are well known throughout the Delaware Valley.

Joe Scardino – our experienced residential roofing project manager – led our team on a one-way mission to assess the level of the damage and, ultimately, restore the homeowners’ stability and peace of mind.

Upon arrival, however, we didn’t even have to get out of our branded Banes Roofing vehicles to know just how severe the damage would prove to be.

What We Encountered Was Shocking –
Even To Seasoned Roofers Like Us

Upon arrival, Joe and his team spotted telltale signs of rot and bowing plywood from the exterior, indicating severe damage to the roof decking. As they ventured into the attic, they discovered wet wood, realizing the entire decking was destroyed — highly unusual for a relatively new roof.

The problem?

After a brief discussion with the homeowners, it was discovered that their installation was hasty and subpar, where speed was prioritized over quality.

Heck, quality wasn’t even included in the equation.

Workmanship aside, the materials used were not to any standard that would be considered even remotely acceptable at Banes Roofing.

One example was the use of tar paper as the roof’s underlayment. This old technology is notorious for offering little to no water resistance, especially when installed incorrectly.

So that’s when we stepped up to address these monumental issues, determined to restore the homeowner’s peace of mind and provide a life-long roofing solution.

We did this all while treating the property with the respect it deserved.

How We Drained The Swamp And
Made It As Dry As A Desert

To any other roofer, drying up the wetland we encountered and replacing it with a surefire roofing system where it would never happen again might have proven too difficult.

But to us at Banes Roofing, it was just standard operating procedure.


Because we’re Master Elite GAF installers – meaning we’re in the top 3% of roofers nationwide through a strict set of criteria set forth by GAF.

To maintain our acclaimed status, we must ensure 100% of our residential roof replacement materials are GAF or GAF-approved, system wide.

Meaning… no shortcuts, and we only use the highest-quality materials whatsoever – from attic to outer shingle.

Here’s how we dried the wetland above the homeowners’ heads and ensured it would never happen again.

  • We installed synthetic underlayment, offering the best-in-industry water protection.
  • We properly rerouted the bathroom vents to direct all condensation outside.
  • We installed a GAF-backed solar-powered fan called a “Green Machine” with a thermostat feature, so we could “set and forget.”
  • Finally, we finished with GAF shingles, but unlike the other “roofer,” we installed them correctly and with an elite level of precision that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Now that the homeowner’s roof has been thoroughly revamped with an entire GAF-approved system, they can enjoy the safety and comfort of their home without worrying about waterlogged ceilings or structural damage.

All with total peace of mind.

Which means everything when it comes to your home.

All Is Now Well In Harleysville, PA

Banes Roofing’s commitment to the utmost quality – in both workmanship and materials used – ensures that every project we undertake leaves our customers beyond satisfied with their newly fortified roofs. 

Our mission to restore respect in the roofing industry is evident in every job we complete – and this Harleysville, PA, project was no exception.

If you need a residential roof repair or replacement in the Delaware Valley from materials and workmanship that simply can’t fail, contact Banes Roofing for a free quote today.

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