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We Do Everything In Our Power To Fix The Rare Error

March 3, 2023

If We Make A Mistake, We Do Everything In
Our Power To Make It Better Than Alright

Because, To Us, Total Customer
Satisfaction Is Just A Given

Spoiler alert – the perfect Tri-County roofer doesn’t exist.

Well, that depends on your definition of “perfect.”

If you define it as never making mistakes, you’re out of luck.

But if you define it as a willingness to own up to the rare mistake and spare no effort to make it more than alright? In that case, perhaps the perfect Tri-County roofer can exist after all. But it will be very… VERY tough to find one.

Because let’s be honest… there are a lot of dishonest roofers out there. 

For reasons known and unknown, the roof replacement industry is overflowing with fly-by-night and unlicensed contractors with a prepaid sim card one day and a disconnected line the next.

But Banes Roofing is built differently. As in… founded in 1950 on a foundation of family-owned and operated values differently.

Our founder and 1st generation owner, Ed Banes, taught us that owning up to and correcting our mistakes is not only the best short-term solution. It’s the best long-term solution as well.

And the proof is in the pudding with our over 70-year history of successful roofing replacements for our local Tri-County community of pleased customers.

No Mistake Is Too Small
For Us To Make Right

A roofing replacement in the Tri-County area is no small task. Many moving parts are involved – ordering the correct materials, dealing with manufacturer shortages or delays, and preparing the homeowner for what’s to come.

In fact, the actual roof replacement is not where small mistakes often occur. It’s in the logistics surrounding installation day where things get hairy. And much of it can come down to a small miscommunication with the customer.

At Banes, we’re always all ears and constantly contact our customers before, during, and after a roof replacement. But even still, small miscommunications can occur. Even one missed text or email can have a detrimental impact on the result of a project.

As was the case when we missed one word in an email that made a massive difference in the customer’s desired roof.

Can you guess what it was about?

Yep. Color.

For whatever reason, we missed a confirmation email where the customer stated they wanted gray, not black, for their standing seam metal roof.

And worst of all… they didn’t notice the discrepancy until after we put the roof on. 

While they were very nice about it – we were not okay with letting an error like this stand despite their offer for us to do so.

You see, many of these “here today, gone tomorrow” roofers would, quite literally, run and hide from an issue like this. They’d likely claim that because no color was included in the contract, they could get away scot-free without making things right.

But at Banes Roofing, we’re not cut from the same cloth.

No Excuses. Period.

Indeed, the color was not included in the final contract for this particular job. So we were under no legal obligation to correct the color mismatch. But the error in us missing their email of color preference was enough for us to make things right.

In the end, we ordered the correct color, had it delivered, tore down the roof we had just installed, and reinstalled the whole thing again.

All to give our valued customer exactly what they wanted.

It’s just how we do things at Banes… even when an issue isn’t 100% on us, we will work with you to meet you halfway and do everything in our power to give you exactly what you need and want in your roof replacement.

And we can’t reiterate this enough… so many other “connected today, disconnected tomorrow” roofers would have simply tossed their disposable SIM card – to never be heard from again. 

But because we’re GAF Master Elite installers dedicated to maintaining the best ethics and installation standards a roofer can have, we will never turn our back on you. 

Because once you’re in the Banes family, you’re treated like family.

Call Today And Never Hear An
Excuse From A Roofer Again

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