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We Always Sweat The Small Stuff When It Comes To Giving You Respect

April 7, 2023

Whenever We Come To Your Home, We
Make Sure To Sweat The Small Stuff

Because When It Comes To Respect,
The Little Things Go A Long Way

In the Tri-County region, homeowners and business owners should expect nothing less than top-notch, respectful roofing services. Alas, some roofers seem to have skipped the whole “respect your client” chapter in their contractor’s guide to basic customer relations.

Instead, they charge ahead like a Spanish fighting bull, leaving messes and headaches in the wake of their poor manners, and all in the name of finishing the job, getting paid, and leaving you as a shrinking figure in their rearview mirror as quickly as possible.


But just like that, here we are to burst onto the scene for an epic respect-saving mission.

We’re Banes Roofing.

Your Respectful Tri-County Roofers are on a mission: to restore respect to the roofing world one roof replacement at a time.

Our secret sauce? Giving you VIP treatment and treating your property like our own. We listen to your needs, get down to business, and leave no trace behind — except for a fabulous roof, of course.

At Banes, we believe that respect means never cutting corners, even if it takes a little longer. Because as the old adage goes, “Good things come to those who wait.” Or in our case, “Respect comes to those who choose Banes.”

We’re all about the perfect blend of honesty, timeliness, superior roofing, and superior materials – all delivered with respect, leaving our clients grinning from (y)ear to (y)ear.

Your House. Your Rules.

You might be wondering why other roofing companies won’t go the extra mile to show their customers some love. It could be that they’re too busy chasing after the next job, or perhaps they just don’t hold it as a core value

But at Banes Roofing, we believe that little things can make a big difference, and we’re committed to treating your property with the utmost respect.

So, what exactly do we do to show our customers we care?

We Always Assume Your Driveway Is Off Limits

For starters, we won’t park in your driveway (unless you give us the thumbs up).

We understand that your driveway is a sacred space and can’t spare an inch, especially when you have visitors. So we wouldn’t dream of parking on it without your permission.

Squeaky Clean

Beyond not taking up precious driveway space, our team members will always wear booties over their work boots to ensure they don’t track dirt and debris into your home. We know that cleanliness is next to godliness, and we’re determined to leave your property as spotless as we found it.

Roof Replacements Done With Style

We ride with style in branded vehicles – that way you know who is at your home. So instead of seeing an unmarked truck pulling into your driveway, leaving you questioning if you should call the cops, you’ll see a clean, branded Banes Roofing van on the street.

When we’re on the job, you can rest assured that you’ve got a team of professionals who take pride in their work, and that includes arriving in style. After all, nothing says “trustworthy” quite like a well-kept, branded vehicle, right?

Your Input Is Always A Part Of The Discussion

In the realm of Tri-County roofing sales, Banes Roofing stands out as the epitome of respect. While some contractors might see you as just another number on their list, Banes ensures you’re treated like a valued individual, not a mere dollar sign.

Our expert consultants genuinely listen to your concerns and preferences and come from a wealth of roofing knowledge. This means we can engage in meaningful conversations with you to understand your unique residential or commercial roofing needs.

With Banes Roofing, you’re never just another sale. You become a respected member of our roofing family that’s been growing since 1950.

You’re treated as the human you are, not just another cog in the roofing sales machine.

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