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The Siding Installation Process

February 17, 2023

What You Can Expect From The Siding
Installation Process For Your
Telford, PA, Home

All The Steps You Need To Be Aware Of Before
Your Project Begins

Having new siding installed on your Telford, PA, home is an excellent way to increase its curb appeal. However, looking good isn’t the only job of new siding – it’s primary function is to protect your home from damage and the elements. If it’s not installed correctly, it won’t do its job, and you’ll find yourself quickly needing repairs or even another siding replacement.

Here at Bane’s Roofing, we are the leaders in Tri-County siding options, and we offer best-in-class products. In addition, we follow all manufacturer guidelines to the letter to ensure you are getting a perfect installation. To help you understand the process, these are the steps of a siding installation.

1. Consultation

One of our first-class representatives will come to your home and provide an informative consultation. They’ll inspect all areas you want to change or upgrade to understand the overall project.

The consultant will then ask detailed questions to determine the color and style you need for your new siding. They’ll also offer the option to install vertical or horizontal siding. Additionally, you can select a combination of the two.

We’re not limited on options for your selection – you can choose from many different styles, designs, and colors to match the aesthetics of your home. We’ll help you find the perfect fit.

2. 3D Model

While many companies offer samples to look at and sketches to imagine the finished product, we develop a 3D model of your home with the selected siding option to illustrate what it will look like.

We can even show you different styles of siding to better help you choose which one you want for your home. Our software brings your imagination to life, making the selection process much more manageable.

3. Home Preparation

Once you’ve selected your siding and scheduled your installation, you’ll need to prepare your home before the crew arrives. As with all exterior remodels, there are potential hazards for the rest of your home.

Because of all the banging involved, you’ll need to remove any pictures and other breakables from the walls to prevent them from getting knocked off and broken. It’s also best to relocate anything that can be moved from around the house’s exterior to give your Tri-County siding contractor easier access to do our job.

4. Delivery Of Materials

Within days of your siding installation project’s start date, you’ll receive the materials and a dumpster. You’ll need to establish the proper space to park the dumpster. The closer to the house, the better – as it’s there to haul the old siding materials away. You’ll also want a safe place accessible for your materials to ensure they aren’t damaged.

5. Old Siding Removal

On installation day, your Banes Roofing crew will arrive promptly on time to begin your siding replacement project. We’ll start by removing your old siding materials. As we do this, we’ll also assess the wall underneath, looking for any damage or rot.

If we find anything serious, we’ll let you know immediately, as it will need to be addressed before the new siding can be installed. We make it a strict policy not to cover up critical problems but to address them on the spot.

6. New Siding Installation

Here at Banes Roofing, we install Tyvek wrap underneath every siding installation we complete. It acts as a weather barrier beneath the siding. When completing exterior remodels, many companies skip this step. We feel it’s critical to ensure no water seeps into your home if it can get past the siding.

We’ll fit your siding to your home perfectly to encase it with no gaps. Every corner and detail will be considered. Weather permitting, we’ll complete your installation within three to five days.

7. The Final Walkthrough

Once the installation is complete, our project manager will complete a final walkthrough with you. This ensures you see the completed project and can point out anything unsatisfactory.

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Here at Banes Roofing, we go the extra mile to ensure our exterior remodels in Telford, PA, are completed to the highest standards. Our siding installation process is thorough from start to finish, guaranteeing a perfect result.

Manufacturers make guidelines for a reason, and we’re sticklers for following them. Good enough is never good enough for us.

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