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The Roof Repair Process

April 28, 2023

The Roof Repair Process In Ambler, PA

What You Can Expect From Start To Finish

At the first sign of a leak on your Ambler, PA, home’s roof, scheduling a roof repair appointment with a trusted local contractor is essential. Even what seems like the most insignificant leak can lead to severe damage to your home when left unchecked. Getting repairs now can save you a costly roof replacement or injury. 

Knowing what to expect from the roof repair process can help you understand if things are going as smoothly as they should be. Banes Roofing has developed this guide to help you understand the asphalt shingle roof repair process.

Calling For A Consultation

Once you realize you have a problem with your roof, you’ll need to call a local contractor for a consultation. They’ll complete a thorough inspection, identifying the problem area and any other issues you may not see.

Additionally, any roofing problems should be thoroughly documented with photos and video where possible. This careful cataloging of issues will help with the insurance claims process.

Helpful Insurance Claims Assistance

Speaking of insurance, when you choose a reputable Montgomery County roofing contractor, they’ll generally be more than willing to help you with your insurance claims. Negotiating with your agent for the best coverage possible can be tricky, especially if you’re unfamiliar with residential roofing.

Having an experienced roofer by your side can help smooth things along. They’ll have more knowledge than the adjuster and be able to explain the situation with your roof better than you can.

Proceeding with negotiations without a trusted roofing contractor by your side can result in less than desirable results.

A Detailed Contract

If you’re using insurance, once the insurance claim is approved, the roofing company will draw up a contract. You must thoroughly review this document to ensure that it checks all the boxes. It should include the following:

  • All materials being used
  • Scope of work
  • Detailed cost breakdown
  • Duration of project
  • Any warranties
  • Business information
  • All services required
  • Installation methods
  • Payment schedule

If anything is missing, you should not sign the contract. Nothing should be verbally added – everything you want to complete should be contained within this document. If it’s not in writing, you have no guarantee that it will be completed and nothing to back you up when it’s not.

Prepare Your Home

Once you are ready to proceed with the repair project on your asphalt shingle roofing, you’ll need to prepare your home. This involves removing anything hanging on the walls that could get knocked down and broken. In addition, if you have any special light fixtures that can be removed from the ceiling, you’ll need to take them down.

Using drop cloths to protect your furniture from dust is also an excellent idea. Your Ambler, PA, roofers may also need access to the driveway, so parking elsewhere during the repair project is advisable. In addition, doing this will protect your car from any accidental damage.

The contractors should take precautionary measures to protect your landscaping and home throughout the project. However, you’ll want to move anything you can away from the exterior of your home.

The Repairs

The local Montgomery County roofing company you hired will arrive on the day of the project and add the protective materials over your landscaping before they begin working. Then, they’ll address everything that was identified during the inspection.

When you hire a company like Banes Roofing, we’ll get to the source of the problem. Instead of just fixing the leak, we’ll find where it’s coming from and fix the issue – so that it won’t return. 

Then, once we’ve covered everything that needs to be repaired, we’ll complete a final walkthrough with you to ensure you’re completely satisfied.

Finally, before we leave, we’ll complete a thorough cleanup to ensure your property is returned just as we received it. We’ll look for any dropped nails and debris, removing potential hazards from your grass and landscaping.

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