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Signs Your Residential Roof Needs Replacement

April 24, 2024
Residential Roofing

You may wonder how you will know if you need to replace your home’s roof. The fact is that there are a few clear-cut signs that indicate it’s time to get a new residential roof.

The Roof Age

It’s important that you know the age of your roof. If you moved in and don’t have an accurate record of how old it is, you can look for signs that it’s on the older side. The reason for keeping this in mind is that your asphalt shingles should be replaced about every 15 to 20 years. Wood shingles should be replaced every 20 to 25 years. Rubber roofs should be replaced every 30 to 50 years. Metal roofs should be replaced every 50 to 70 years.


Wear and Tear

There’s normal wear and tear that occurs over time. Take note of the deterioration in your roof. Though this doesn’t always mean that you have an emergency situation, it’s good to know what’s going on and if it’s getting worse. Then you’ll want to call in a professional roofing contractor in Wayne.

Pay close attention and see if you have any of the following issues with your roof:

  • Curling and/or shrinking shingles
  • Discoloration of shingles
  • Sagging at the ridge or in other spots
  • Granule loss or granules that are in your gutters
  • Algae or moss growth

Higher Energy Bills

Have you noticed that you’re being asked to pay more for your energy bills? While it’s true that you’ll see some difference in how much energy you use and the overall cost over the different seasons, you shouldn’t have a noticeably larger utility bill.

If you do end up with a more expensive energy bill, this could indicate that your roofing isn’t adequate. Shingles may start to absorb heat once they’re near the end of their life span. If your roof decking or seals are damaged, cold can get in easily. If you bring in a roofing specialist to take a look and make any necessary repairs, it can be costly. However, you’ll balance it out with greater energy efficiency.

Water Damage

When your roof develops water damage, it can lead to serious issues in your home. It can even become dangerous in terms of causing the roof to rot, develop mold growth, or have a potential for collapse. Look out for any discoloration on your ceiling that would be a sign water has gotten through your roof sheathing and that there’s now an internal leak.

Loose Flashing

The roof flashing is something that diverts water from certain areas of your roof, such as around the skylights and chimneys. If you see that the roof flashing is loose or has damage, you’ll need to get this fixed quickly. It can allow water to get into the important parts of your roof and flood your home.

Infestation from Pests

Pests such as squirrels and mice can chew through wood and burrow into insulation, and some larger animals can cause pretty serious structural problems with your roof. When you notice certain critters or signs of them on or around your roof, reach out to an expert to deal with this problem first so you don’t risk any harm. You’ll want to have someone inspect your whole roof for damage and get fast Harleysville roof repair.

Roof aging and other causes of damage are difficult to manage. It’s crucial to have maintenance done on your roof and check it out for issues on a regular basis. Once you do find problems such as pest infestation or loose roof flashing, you’ll want to call in experts. Reach out to us at Banes Roofing & Exterior Renovations Inc. We’re pleased to help with roofing issues big and small in the greater Harleysville area.