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Repair or Replace Your Roof: How To Decide

February 21, 2023
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Repair Or Replace Your Telford, PA, Roof:
How To Decide

Understanding The Condition Of Your Roof

The roof on your Telford, PA, home is one of the most critical parts of the entire structure of the building – it protects everything and everyone beneath it. However, most homeowners don’t think about their roofs until a problem arises. When it does, you must decide whether you will get it repaired or replaced.

Here at Banes Roofing, we know this decision can be difficult. That’s why we’ve developed this guide to explain how you determine the right course of action for your roof. 

Considerations To Take When Deciding On A
Repair Vs. Replacement

To make the best decision for your home, you need to ask yourself some questions. These considerations will help you determine which option is best for you and your investment.

1. The Age Of Your Roof

The first thing you should consider is the age of your current roofing system. Then, measure that against how long your roof’s materials are supposed to last. If your roof is almost as old as the expected lifespan, you probably just want to go ahead and replace it to save yourself time and money.

On the other hand, if it’s only a few years old and the damage isn’t too extensive, a roof repair job will help you get to your roof’s expected lifespan. However, it won’t increase the expected lifespan, as you will eventually need to replace your roof.

Another thing to consider regarding the age is that over time, the shingles on asphalt shingle roofing are exposed to the elements and experience some fading. You may have trouble getting a perfect match with the new shingles when repairing. 

2. The Type Of Roof You Have Installed

Different materials are expected to last longer than others. For example, asphalt shingle roofing is estimated to last between 15 and 30 years, depending on the manufacturer and specific materials you select. On the other hand, metal roofing is more durable and can last anywhere from 40 to 70, depending on the material and maintenance.

If the materials currently installed are expected to last for decades longer, you will likely want to protect your investment by repairing any damage if possible. Replacing the roof long before its time will negate any returns on your investment.

3. The Extent Of The Damage

One of the most important considerations is how bad the damage is. Is it a case of missing shingles, or do you have leaks? If water has passed the roofing material and underlayment and gotten inside your home, chances are the decking is damaged, and you’re at risk for other problems, such as the following:

  • Mold
  • Rot
  • Ruined ceilings
  • Ruined insulation

You’ll need a thorough inspection to find the source of any leaks and to determine precisely how extensive the damage is. Unfortunately, there are times when the repairs will cost as much as a replacement. In this case, the better choice would be to go ahead and replace the entire roof to fix any underlying damage.

4. Your Budget For The Project

You’ll also need to consider your budget and the amount of repairs you’ve been putting into the roof. If you constantly have to repair something on the roof, then it’s time for a roof replacement. Spending money every season quickly adds up and a replacement can rescue your budget.

The alternative is to apply for flexible financing, and if you’re qualified, you’ll be able to make easy monthly payments on your project instead of all at once.

When Roof Repair Is The Best Choice

Roof repair is the better option when the damage is only minor or moderate. It’s much more cost-effective to replace a few shingles when the damage is minor than to replace the entire roof.

Ideally, you want moderate damage to be isolated to one section of the roof. That way, you only need a partial re-roofing project completed. Remember, it may be challenging to match the colors of the roofing materials due to environmental exposure.

When Roof Replacement Is The Best Choice

When the damage is extensive, or you’ve been putting a lot of money into repeatedly repairing your roof, it’s time for a replacement. Over time, these repeat repair jobs cost as much as, if not more than, a roof replacement.

The upfront cost may be more than repairs, but you’ll benefit from having a high-performance roof for years to come. 

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