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Questions To Ask Your Roofing Contractor

September 25, 2022
Residential Roofing

9 Questions To Ask Your Roofing Contractor
In Telford, PA

Things You Need To Know Before You Sign A Contract

When planning a residential roofing project for your Telford, PA, home, you must get all the essential information from your roofing contractor before you sign the contract. You need to know the answers to these nine questions to ensure you are getting the best contractor for the job, as this is a significant investment in your home.

1. Are You Licensed And Insured?

One of the first things you will want to ensure is that the residential roofing contractor you are considering is licensed and insured. They must meet the minimum requirements for registering as an exterior remodeling company in Pennsylvania.

Additionally, they should have proof of workers’ compensation insurance. This will protect you, as the homeowner, should any of their employees be injured on your property.

You also want to ensure they have general liability insurance to cover any potential damage to your property. There is a chance that your homeowner’s insurance will cover the damages, but it’s risky. You’re better off hiring a contractor that carries their own insurance.

2. What Warranties Do You Provide?

Whether you are getting cedar shake or standing seam metal roofing, you need to know what warranties the contractor has to offer. There should be a workmanship guarantee that covers anything that could go wrong due to their installation. This will vary based on the residential roofing company you speak to.

You will also want to know what kind of manufacturer’s warranties come with the materials the company uses. Higher-quality materials come with better warranties. While the upfront investment is a little higher, they generally tend to be worth it in the end for the trade-off on things like energy efficiency.

3. Do You Use Subcontractors?

If the answer to this question is yes, you should probably begin looking for another residential roofing company. The problem is that with subcontractors, they cannot guarantee the quality of work put into your roofing project because they are not the actual boss of these workers.

There’s also the problem that the company’s insurance most likely will not cover the subcontractors. You’ll need to know if they have their own insurance and, if not, who’s going to protect them.

Additionally, it’s not an uncommon problem for a roofing company not to pay its subcontractors. When this happens, it can leave you financially responsible for paying their salaries.

4. Where Can I Find Reviews?

A company’s reviews can reveal a lot about how they treat their customers and how well their projects stay on track and within budget. You should ask where you can find their most recent reviews and take your time reading through them. You’ll want to pay special attention to how they provide details on specific aspects of the project, including the following:

  • Did the project stay on schedule?
  • Were there hidden fees?
  • Did they have a primary point of contact?
  • Was the old roof hauled off?
  • Are they satisfied with their new roof?

You’ll want to see if any red flags stand out. If no reviews are available, ask the contractor if they have references or previous customers you can call and speak with directly.

5. How Long Have You Been In Business?

While everyone starts somewhere, you may not want to trust your new roof to a company that just got its start yesterday. The ideal roofing company will be one with decades of experience. They’ll know precisely what they’re doing and how to expertly handle problems as they arise.

If they’re an established residential roofing company, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing they’re experienced and don’t just install roofs as a hobby. The roof on your Telford, PA, home is critical to protecting you, your family, and your belongings, and you need it installed correctly.

6. How Will You Protect My Home And My Yard?

Replacing a roof can be messy, especially during the tear-off phase. With the old roof being torn off, there’s the chance of windows and landscaping being damaged. You’ll want to know your roofing contractor’s plans to keep your property safe from harm.

A red flag in this situation is the contractor trying to change the subject when you ask this question. If they do this, you should consider finding another contractor.

7. Where Is Your Business Located?

It’s essential to have a physical location to follow up with your roofing contractor. If something happens and you need to speak to someone in person, you need to know where they are located. This will also help ensure that you have found a legitimate company. They should be able to provide you with their business address, email, and phone number.

8. Will You Haul Away The Old Roof, And How Will You Clean Up?

You do not want to be left responsible for hauling your old roof away. It’s vital to ensure it’s part of your contract and that the roofing contractor will be hauling it as part of the job. This will make the process much easier for you.

Additionally, you will want to ask what their cleanup plans are. They should have a plan for cleaning after a roof replacement that includes finding as many roofing nails as possible. When they leave, your home should look like they were never there, except for the new roof.

9. Will You Provide A Written Contract?

Before you agree to anything, you need the contract in writing. Don’t accept the proposal if the residential roofing contractor doesn’t want to provide a written contract. Too much is left in the air when the contract isn’t written.

They can make adjustments later, claiming it was always like that. With no proof, you’ll be stuck with the increased bill. This contract should include everything being completed and all materials being used broken down line by line with prices.

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