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March 7, 2023
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We’re The Master Elite Installers Who Fix The
Aftermath Shoddy Roofers Leave Behind

The Eyebrow-Raising Things We’ve Seen
That We’d Never Even Think Of Doing

Be wary of unlicensed and fly-by-night Tri-County roofers who want to take your home and your wallet for a joy ride.

You’d be surprised by how many of these “here today, gone tomorrow” roofers would love to take advantage of your unfamiliarity with roofing replacement.

How do they do this?

There are many ways.

But one of their favorite methods is to skimp out on the quality of materials they use.

An even more advanced (and sinister) method they have the gall to do is using quality GAF shingles on the exterior to make it appear like your roof received all-star treatment. When, in actuality, it got a bare-bones replacement – at best – with outdated and shoddy materials used on all the under-the-hood parts.  

And how do we know this? Because in the end, Tri-County homeowners end up calling us to fix the disaster these “roofers” leave in their wake. 

You see, at Banes Roofing, using top-quality GAF roofing SYSTEMS (not just shingles) is simply what we do. So when you choose to work with us, you know you’re already getting the best materials in the business for your entire roof. Not just the shingles. 

Here’s how we ensure your home gets the best treatment possible – from head to toe. Or, as roofing fanatics like us say, from shingle to bathroom vent.

The Time We Encountered An Elevated Swamp

What we’re about to describe could be considered a Tri-County roofing horror story. Based on the title above, can you guess what it’s about?

We’ll just go ahead and tell you… it’s about wood and water, which is never a good combination regarding your home’s infrastructure. 

Especially when it’s happening in your attic, a.k.a. your roof.

Yep. We answered the call of a distressed homeowner with a majorly water-logged roof. Everything, from the rafters to the shingles, was so saturated with water that the wood might as well have been in the wilderness.

But how did things get to such a dangerous point of no return? Poor internal materials and installation. But most of all? A roofer with zero concern for doing an even halfway decent job.

Here’s a cliff-notes version of the horror story, so you don’t have to read the entire, painful saga:

  • The bathroom’s exhaust fan went directly into the attic – a disastrous scenario for a roof’s rafters. Instead of shower steam going outside where it belongs, the roof absorbed all condensation whenever someone took a hot shower.
  • Aside from the shingles, which were GAF, the rest of the materials used were all low quality. This was especially true for the underlayment (a key water-proofing component) made of tar paper – an age-old roofing material.
  • Finally, even though the shingles were GAF, they were staggered incorrectly, which allowed water to seep through. The inferior tar paper quickly became overwhelmed and allowed even more water to saturate the already distressed rafter wood.

As you can see, with poor materials usually comes poor installation. Because if a roofer doesn’t even care about giving you decent materials, why would they care about quality workmanship as well?

It’s a double whammy of roofing misfortune. And in the end, it’s YOU who pays.

How We Ended This Roofing Horror Story

Sorry to spoil the ending so soon, but… using top-quality materials (along with Master Elite craftsmanship) was how we ended this Tri-County roofing nightmare.

In short, here’s how we came to the rescue:

First, we gutted the entire roof (because we had to). From there, we installed an entire GAF roofing system. As a Master Elite Certified Roofer, we aren’t ever allowed to use anything less than the best to maintain our status as a top 3% roofer in the nation. 

Not only do our shingles have to be GAF, but the system we install must also be GAF. From the underlayment to the flashing and even the kind of caulk we use, all of it must be approved by GAF, if not made in their factory.

You see, materials and master craftsmanship aren’t ever mutually exclusive. With one usually comes the other.

So with low quality comes poor workmanship. But conversely, and luckily for you, with high quality comes a roofer who’s got your back – from Banes Roofing.

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