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Our Meticulous Roofing Process Explained

November 24, 2023

Roof Replacement Process Start To Finish — Banes
Roofing Sees It Through To The Very End

How We Make Roofing Simple
And Avoid Costly Mistakes

We are the GAF Master Elite roofing contractors in Bucks, Lehigh, and Montgomery County that don’t cut corners.

Far too many roofers take advantage of the fact that they can skip out on important details without you realizing it for several years.

They use fewer nails. They don’t replace rotted wood in your decking. Or they use low-quality materials that look the part but can’t stand the test of time.

So, why do they do this?

They do this because it’s cheaper and faster than doing things right. The only problem is YOU are the one who pays the price (literally).

At Banes Roofing, we don’t want to just tell you we will do things better and not cut corners — EVER. After all, I’m sure you’ve heard that before, right? While other contractors SAY they get the job done right, we prove ourselves on every project.

And it starts with free and accurate quotes…

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Quotes You Can Trust — And We Include EVERY Detail!

Let’s talk about roof replacement quotes. We don’t like hearing stories from Philly area homeowners who are given a “quote” from a roofing contractor that is not at all accurate.

Sure, they always sound good — maybe the roofer even believes it to be the right price — but it isn’t. It’s also strange how the quotes are never too high, and you (the homeowner) pay less… they are always too low, and the homeowner is on the hook for a higher bill.

Well, with Banes Roofing, your quote is ACCURATE — even when it’s not. If we leave something out, then that’s on us — your quote NEVER changes. This means you won’t pay a dime more than what your quote says. No hidden fees. And there’s rarely ever a change order.

You see, quotes are about details, and we consider and include every single one. So, if you don’t want unpleasant surprises and DO want boring quotes that never change, then give us a call.

Roofing Consultations Designed To Educate… NOT Sell

We get it — you don’t want a pushy salesperson in your home to pressure you to sign on the dotted line. That’s why it’s never our intent to convince you to do something you don’t feel is right.

Instead, our inspections and consultations are simply an opportunity for you to learn more about your roof.

Don’t get me wrong, we won’t sugarcoat your roofing needs. We tell you about everything we find and what it all means – then we leave it up to YOU to make the most informed decision possible.

And we never overstay our welcome. However, we are there for as long as you need to satisfy ALL of your questions.

Getting The Details Right With A Follow-Up

We follow up to make sure you are comfortable with all of the details about your quote — from the materials we intend to use, the design, and even down to your project timeline.

If you choose to move forward, then we order your items and schedule a date for your roof installation. A 25% deposit is all that is required.

We work diligently to get out there as soon as we can so you don’t have to suffer longer than you absolutely must without a dependable roof.

The time we schedule your installation is the time we will be there. We aren’t late. In fact, we consider on time to be late, so we will be there early.

Roof Installation Day… When The Magic Happens

Before we start, we cover your home’s perimeter. We don’t want nails lying around your property when we leave (and we make sure they aren’t).

How do we do this? Several ways:

  • We set up tarps over your lawn to protect your landscape
  • We drape tarps over your windows to prevent damage to the glass
  • If necessary, we create makeshift roofs to catch debris before it falls

After we cover your home’s perimeter, we start the teardown. And believe me — we tear it All down.

We remove the shingles and then make our way down to the underlayment.

Next, we install the underlayment and lay your shingles. We use GAF shingles, which are the BEST roofing material you can put on your Greater Philadelphia home.

We finish off the installation process by installing a ridge vent and ridge cap.

For cleaning, it’s easy for us. This is because we clean as we go — we don’t wait until the end.

How, you ask?

Well, for starters, we invest in a $35,000 Equipter. This is a mobile dumpster that pulls directly to your roofline. This makes cleaning EASY and prevents your home’s perimeter, lawn, and driveway from becoming littered.

Of course, we will also do a final clean-up to ensure stray nails and other materials aren’t left behind. Specifically, your project manager searches the entire perimeter in search of any stray nails or roofing debris. We don’t stop until your home is FLAWLESS.

Ensuring Your Satisfaction With A Final Walk-Through

Your project manager will do a final walk-through of your roofing project with you — whether that’s a newly installed roofing system, repaired roof, or exterior remodel.

In other words, we are an open book during the final inspection. We consider the project complete only when you say it is.

In addition to the project manager, our social media manager will be present at the final inspection. They will take photos and document your beautiful new roof.

Lastly, we give you a referral sheet and offer a $50 gift card for each referral.

The Final Invoice

We charge you only after all of the aforementioned steps have been completed. After the walk-through, you will receive the final invoice to complete the final payment.

Receive A FREE Estimate From Banes Roofing

Banes Roofing has been there for Bucks, Lehigh, and Montgomery County residents and business owners since 1950. We are GAF Master Elite certified roofing contractors. We only know one way to do things — the right way. If you need roof replacement in the local area, then contact us for a free estimate.