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Our Communication Style Is Over The Top (In A GOOD Way)

April 2, 2024

A Roofing Contractor In Greater Philadelphia
Who Actually Gives Regular Updates?

… Is This Real Life?

Roofers and communication don’t go hand in hand. It’s just a fact, and we’re not here to argue against it. The same goes for those local roofers in Greater Philly who couldn’t be bothered to even respond to your messages, let alone read them.

Which is unfortunate because poor communication results in unneeded issues during your roof replacement.

From being misquoted to a poor installation because the roofer “didn’t know” a key detail to do the job well. Whatever the case may be, when it comes to communication, it’s about much more than just an update. It’s a regular and needed progress check regarding your Bucks County roof replacement, where any potential issues can be stopped BEFORE they occur.

And while we won’t argue that bad communication skills aren’t common for roofers (they absolutely are), we WILL make the case that with Banes Roofing, the OPPOSITE is true.

We update you regularly. Really.

You’ll always know how far along your roofing system installation is during your project, and we’ll never keep you waiting when it’s time for us to arrive.

Because at the end of the day, it’s about ALL about respect.

If We Schedule For 8:00 AM, We’ll Be There
By 7:50 AM — At The Latest

“Early is our on time.” That’s our motto at Banes Roofing.

In other words, we show up ahead of schedule. This means we don’t have to call and update you when we’ll be there, we’ll already be there.

Now, that doesn’t mean we’ll go banging on your door at 6:00 AM. But we’ll be at least 10-15 minutes early. So, if we schedule a service time for 8:00 AM, we’ll be there at 7:45 or 7:50 at the latest.

This gives you a chance to ask our team questions and provide us with any special instructions you may have (i.e. stay off your lawn, beware of the dog in the backyard, don’t talk to our strange neighbor, etc.)

We get it… you’re busy, too. The last thing you need is to delay your day because you’re waiting on us. From work to taking the kids to school, you can STILL make it anywhere you have to go in the morning because we don’t keep you waiting.

You’re In The Loop… Always!

Some roofers update the homeowners when things are going well. Others may provide updates only when there’s a problem. Banes Roofing updates you no matter what.

If your roofing project is running smoothly and on track, we give updates. If we’ve hit a bit of a snag and there’s a delay, we give updates. We also:

  • Notify you if ever there’s a supply chain issue.
  • Talk to you anytime you’re around the worksite.
  • If you’re not home, we take pictures of your roof in progress.
  • Keep you informed about the progress of your roofing project — at all times.
  • Communicate the way that is best for YOU, whether it’s phone, email, or texting.

And, because our inspection and quote process is so detailed, you already know what to expect before we begin. There aren’t any surprises. So, in almost every instance, your updates are positive, and we’re most likely ahead of schedule.

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