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March 15, 2024

Why Your Bucks County Roof Requires
Four To Six Nails Per Shingle (Not Strip!)

Because Less Than Four Will Eventually
GUARANTEE Disaster For Your Roof!

It’s a detail many unsuspecting homeowners in Bucks County might overlook, but it’s imperative to know the truth! Which is… your roof MUST have four to six nails per shingle. Not three, not two (and most definitely not one). A minimum of FOUR – don’t let any other Greater Philadelphia roofer convince you otherwise!

Why? Well, let’s start with the BIGGER why. Like… why do so many Greater Philadelphia roofers skip out on our golden four-to-six-nail rule?

Simple. Fewer nails per shingle means fewer expenses and time spent actually roofing properly. Not adding the manufacturer’s guideline of nail per shingle is an easy corner to cut that you, as the homeowner, might never even know about until it’s too late!

But this can ALL be avoided with simple due diligence in selecting a residential roof replacement contractor who tells you from the outset that they use enough nails.

A roofer like Banes Roofing, the local roofer you can trust, who will use a minimum of four to six nails on EVERY SHINGLE we install.

Why Our GAF Master Elite Certified Status — A Feat Only
3% Of Roofers Achieve – Is So Important For Nail Usage

Banes Roofing is Master Elite Certified – a difficult task to achieve that isn’t given out to just any Bucks County roofer. It means we’re in the top 3% of roofers in the NATION to this honor from North America’s largest roofing materials manufacturer. open in new tab

But what does that have to do with using all those nails per shingle, anyhow?

Well, GAF requires their Master Elite roofers to be put forth 110% effort in ALL roofing installations that use their products. This means four to six nails in every shingle, every time, and to strict GAF specifications.

This isn’t some arbitrary rule they say and then forget about. GAF regularly performs checks on their Master Elite roofers to ensure they’re following the criteria to maintain their top 3%-in-the-nation status.

And we at Banes Roofing have passed every GAF roof inspection with flying colors.

In the eyes of GAF, the roofs we installed are perfect, due in large part to our accurate and consistent usage of the sufficient (and beyond) amount of nails per shingle.

Our Core Values Dictate What We Do

Could your roof survive the test of time if one or two shingles didn’t have enough nails? Sure, it’s possible… but given enough time, this will almost always spell disaster.

That’s why it directly violates our core values to do anything less than four to six nails on a shingle. In other words, we NEVER feel cutting even the smallest of corners is okay.

So, what are our core values that ensure we always give you our best efforts?

  • Trust: You can trust us to NEVER skip out on the number of nails we should use.
  • Integrity: We keep our integrity by ALWAYS staying honest and upfront about every roofing installation detail.
  • Service: We provide exemplary serviceonly when we do things the right way — which we do on every shingle without fail.
  • Reliability: We are reliable because we do EXACTLY what we say we will do every time without exception, including using the right number of nails on every shingle.
  • Accountability: When a rare error occurs on a roof replacement, we take 100% accountability and FIX the mistake promptly. And yes, this could be as simple as forgetting just ONE nail on a shingle.

Doing Things The Right Way For 70+ Years And Counting

Sorry to brag, but Banes Roofing is kind of famous in Bucks County and the surrounding communities (not surprising, considering we’ve been around longer than colored television).

You read that right! Ed Banes founded Banes Roofing in 1950! Many years and some decades later, he passed his then-successful roofing company down to his son, Tom Banes Sr.

And finally, in 2022, Tom Banes Jr. officially took over operations.

All this to say, we are family-owned through and through.

Staying in business for 70+ years takes hard work. Two main reasons have kept us going all these years:

  • Doing things the RIGHT way.
  • Treating our clients like family.

And as silly as it might sound at this point, doing things the RIGHT way and treating you like family means four to six nails per shingle.

Does that mean we spend more on materials, and does it require more time than if we just cut that corner? Certainly. But we will NEVER cut a corner to save money, and we will always provide a roof you can trust to weather the storm (quite literally).

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