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Not To Brag… But We Get Roofs Right On The First Try

March 22, 2024

How Our Process Ensures Your Roof
Is Installed Right The First Time

A Tried And Tested Process 70+
Years In The Making!

Want to know what the most expensive roof replacement in Greater Philadelphia? The one you have to do twice.

So Banes Roofing gets the job done right the first time without exception – EVERY TIME. That means you won’t have to call us back out to fix those ‘common-for-the-careless’ roofer mistakes because we avoid doing them altogether.

How do we produce such consistent results over 70+ years and counting? And why are we so confident in our ability to get the job done right on install #1?

Because it’s all a part of our flawless roof replacement process.

Getting It Right Is Easy When You’re
The BEST In Roofing

Aside from a thorough, fair, and no-pressure quote, a roof replacement always begins by choosing the best materials. Which for us is easy as we’ve achieved the top-level warranty as a Master Elite GAF installer.

GAF is North America’s largest, most trusted roofing materials manufacturer, providing premium asphalt shingle systems for residential roofing. They offer the most attractive product lines that consistently push the boundaries of breakthrough and cutting-edge roofing technology.

But back to the point… what does this have to do with getting the job done right on the first go? Well, here’s the thing about being a Master Elite installer… they have to PROVE and KEEP PROVING they’re installing GAF products to their manufacturer specifications. And GAF actually inspects certain jobs they do to verify this. Some GAF’s Master Elite criteria include:

  • Experience – Installers must have at least seven years in the roofing industry and a year in GAF’s certified program.
  • Customer Satisfaction – They need to maintain an extremely high customer satisfaction rate based on GAF’s surveys.
  • Insurance and Licensing – Proper state licensing and a minimum of $1 million in liability insurance are required.
  • Business Standing – They must have a good BBB rating and positive credit and banking records.
  • Ongoing Training – A commitment to continual training in the latest roofing techniques and GAF standards is mandatory.
  • Ethical Practices – Adherence to ethical business practices and regular certification renewal is essential.
  • Comprehensive Warranties – Ability to offer extensive warranties, such as the Golden Pledge Warranty, which includes 50 years of coverage for defects and a 25-year workmanship warranty.

So, believe us when we say we’re not the only ones ensuring things are done right the first time – GAF is checking in on us, too!

Other ‘Roofers’ Roll Their Eyes At
Our Attention To Detail

While there are plenty of ‘good’ roofers in Greater Philadelphia… the ‘good news’ stops there. Many feel like the ‘small things,’ such as proper nail spacing, don’t matter all that much. But to us, it’s a standard installation requirement.

You see, it’s the ‘little things’ that add up fast when it comes to roof replacement. Some may call us crazy for sweating all of these ‘small’ details, but to us, no detail is too small when it comes to the integrity of your roof.

  • We use no less than four to six nails per shingle.
  • We leave a half to one-inch overhang along your roof’s edge to prevent water damage.
  • Instead of weighing down your roof with unneeded caulk, we properly install flashing around your roof’s vulnerable areas and penetrations.
  • We strategically place the first nail an inch away from the seam (to prevent leaks) and then space the remaining nails evenly.

We could go on and on about the small things we do on every roofing system to ensure a perfect installation, but we’re not here to bore you. We’re here to let you know that those ‘details’ that seem above and beyond… are just par for the course for Banes Roofing.

But if you do ask us, we’ll try not to talk your ear off about even MORE of the details that ensure a perfect roof replacement.

Are we kind of roofing-obsessed? Yeah, maybe…. but our above-and-beyond approach to the small details is what ensures your roof gets installed the right way and on the first attempt.

Quality Control As You’ve Never Seen

We aren’t saying we’re perfect and can’t ever make mistakes… of course we can. And although our designers might make a rare mistake from time to time, we STILL get it right.


Because our quality control process is perfect. It’s foolproof and designed to catch even the smallest errors our installers might miss.

Here’s how it works:

  • Your project manager will visit the job site routinely to ensure all goes smoothly.
  • If your project manager detects any issues, we nip them in the bud right away — we don’t wait.
  • Your project manager conducts a final walk-through with you before the job is considered complete.
  • We consider the job finished only after you review our work, have all your questions and concerns addressed, and sign off that you are 100% satisfied.

And, remember… as GAF Master Elite Installers, you receive the Golden Pledge Warranty giving you a LIFETIME warranty on installation labor.

Banes Roofing — Proper Roof Installations
For 70+ Years And Counting

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