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Inside Our Clean, Pristine Project Routine

August 26, 2022

Clean Sweep: 4 Aspects Of Our Neat, Pristine
Installation Routine

Our Property Protection & Cleanup Protocols Leave
Your Home Looking SPOTLESS After The Job.


I’ll be honest with you: The average roofing job can get really messy really fast. And just HOW messy it gets depends on how much your roofer respects your property.

I’ll explain.

A big complaint homeowners have about roofers is how much litter their crews leave behind after the job. It’s common for homeowners to find stray nails and bits of debris on their property months later.

Even worse is when this debris damages property. Falling shingles and nails can easily scuff siding, crush plants, and scratch decking. If you don’t discover this damage until AFTER the job, it’s almost guaranteed that the roofer won’t take responsibility.

A Tidy Roofer Is A Respectful Roofer

You know the saying “Your Home Is Your Castle”? It’s a cliché, sure. But honestly, that’s exactly how a roofing contractor should treat your property.

If a roofer RESPECTS your home, they’ll do everything they can to protect it during the job… and leave things neat and tidy AFTER the job.

At Banes Roofing, we treat your home like Buckingham Palace.

We consider it an honor to perform your project. Why? Because out of all the roofing contractors in the Tri-County area, you chose us. That’s a responsibility we take seriously.

This is why we have a meticulous process for preventing messes during and after your installation. It’s how we eliminate the common cleanliness problems that plague the average roofing project.

Here are 4 aspects of our clean, pristine project routine…

#1: We Shield Your Home From Falling Debris

The Problem

When a company removes your old roof, they use what’s called a tear-off fork. It’s about the size of a digging shovel. The forked end slides under the shingles and lifts them up, tearing the shingles off your home.

A lot of roofing companies throw the old shingles (and other trash) straight off your roof. They typically lay down a tarp next to your home and aim for that.

When shingles are raining left and right from your roof, however, there’s bound to be some that miss the target. These stray bits of debris can harm your plants, scrape your siding, scuff your windows, and damage the area surrounding your home.

How We Solve It

The first thing we do on installation day is cover your home and the surrounding area with a protective tarp. This shields your home and the landscape around it from any “stray” falling shingles and debris.

The result? No scraped siding. No scuffed windows. No smushed plants or broken bush branches.

Plus: If you have a deck, patio, or walkway you’d like to protect, let us know. We’ll lay down plywood planks over the area to shield it from damage while we’re working on your roof.

Banes Customer Comes Clean

“[Banes] cleaned up every last bit of old material and left the house looking as if no one had been there roofing.”

-Aggie S.

#2: Our Mobile Dumpster Minimizes Messes

The Problem

When roofing companies are finished with the installation, they often have a big post-project mess to clean up. All that trash they threw off of your roof during installation needs to go somewhere!

As I mentioned in #1, roofers typically designated a spot (often a tarp) on the ground to throw debris. Once the job is done, the installers have to haul all the trash on the tarp to a dumpster they bring to the job site.

Most roofers will park the dumpster in your driveway. This back-and-forth between the trash heap and dumpster increases the chance of debris being left behind.

How We Solve It

We don’t bring the trash to the dumpster. We bring the dumpster to the trash.

We’ve invested $35K in a machine called an Equipter. Think of it as a giant drivable garbage can. We pull it right up next to your home and raise it directly to your roofline.

Equipter Mobile Dumpster Residential Roof Replacement

Instead of tossing debris from the roof on the ground, we can throw it all directly in the Equipter. It creates less mess on the ground around your home—AND it saves tons of cleanup time.

A quick caveat: We won’t use the Equipter if your lawn is damp from recent rain. Heavy machinery and wet yards don’t mix.

In these instances, we haul out garbage the “old-fashioned” way: By hand-carrying it to an onsite dumpster. Our process for this is fully streamlined and MUCH more efficient than your average roofer’s (think ant-colony levels of organization). And to make sure we miss NOTHING, we perform steps #3 and #4.

Banes Customer Comes Clean

“[Banes was] professional through the entire process and we’re in and out in a day. The roof looks great and the rest of the property looks untouched.”

-Aaron S.

#3: We Hunt Down Stray Nails With Magnetic Sweepers

The Problem

One of THE most common complaints homeowners have with roofers is the stray nails left behind. I’ve heard countless stories of homeowners who found nails in their yard MONTHS after the job was done.

If the roofer doesn’t take the time to search your property thoroughly after the job? There’s a high chance nails will be hiding somewhere in your bushes or lawn. Each one is a bent lawnmower blade or tetanus shot waiting to happen.

How We Solve It

Have you ever been to the beach and watched someone combing the sand with a metal detector? That’s a lot like what we do in your yard. But we’re not searching for buried treasure—we’re hunting down stray nails.

After your installation, our installers comb your yard with magnetic sweepers. These sweepers are basically vacuum cleaner/metal detector hybrids . As the installers push the sweeper, the sweeper’s magnetic roller picks up any metal it touches.

Yard Cleanup

We meticulously comb your lawn, walkway, and driveway after installation to track down stray nails. Depending on the size of your home and property, this can add 15-45 minutes to the job. But if it prevents you from finding (or stepping on!) a nail months later, those few extra minutes are 100% worth it.

Banes Customer Comes Clean

“The work was done efficiently and very neatly. Every bit of the old material was picked up and carried off. There was no evidence that work had been done, except for the new roof.”

-Diane C.

#4: We Do A Double Post-Project Inspection

The Problem

A lot of roofing companies do their best Flash Gordon impression as soon as the installation is done. Forget about a post-project inspection or walkthrough—a lot of roofers pack up and get out of dodge before the ink dries on your check.

Fast-forward three months…

You’re still finding shingle pieces, loose nails, and bits of trash scattered throughout your property. You just noticed a scratch in your siding that DEFINITELY wasn’t there before your roofing job. And maybe it’s just your imagination, but you could swear a few of your new shingles look a little crooked.

Don’t think your roofer will do anything about it. They washed their hands clean of you the second they floored it out of your driveway.

How We Solve It

After we’ve installed your new roof, your project’s foreman performs a highly detailed personal inspection. He checks to make sure everything is done right—AND that we’ve thoroughly cleared away all debris and trash.

But we don’t call it a day after that. When your Project Manager comes to collect the last payment (typically within a week of the installation), they perform a final walkthrough with you. You and your Project Manager discuss your experience, walk through your property, and make sure you are 100% satisfied with the results and cleanup.

The bottom line: Our double post-project inspection is just one way we hold ourselves 100% accountable for your project… even after installation.

Banes Customer Comes Clean

“Ben, the Project Manager, was great to work with—respectful and knowledgeable. The whole team was well mannered, kept the whole place clean, and did a bang-up job. Would use them again in a heartbeat.”

-Tyler H.

Why We “Keep It Clean” During Your Job

How clean a roofer is during installation depends on how much they respect your home. It’s really that simple.

If a roofer respects you and your property?

They’ll do everything they can to protect your home and keep things tidy while they work.

If they don’t?

Well… watch where you step the next time you mow your lawn.

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