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How Our Personalized Approach Ensured FLAWLESS New Windows

May 7, 2024
Case Study

Windows Won’t Open? No Problem. How We Replaced
A Weird, Wonky Window That Wouldn’t Open

This Homeowner Created The Perfect Cross
Breeze With Brand New Banes Windows

This client was seeking window replacement in Bucks County. Their ultimate goals were to (1) install beautiful new windows and (2) create a cross breeze in their living room.

The beautiful windows part was easy. At Banes Roofing, we use nothing short of premium products that are pristinely installed.

However, there was a major obstacle the homeowner faced that prevented the cross breeze they desired – their living room windows didn’t open! More to the point, they were difficult to open because the window sill blocked the bottom part of the window entirely.

As a result, we had to go outside our normal window process to ensure a flawless installation that the homeowner loved.

Fortunately, our installation pros were up to the challenge, and we came up with a unique solution to ensure the new living room windows opened and closed with ease.

The Problem: The Window Sill Blocked
The Bottom Of The Windows

This homeowner wanted beautiful living room windows that opened easily. But there was a problem… their existing windows were difficult to open.

You see, the existing windows had a window seat. The homeowner could place plants and other home decor and make the home pretty. However, the window seat blocked the bottom of the window, so there was nowhere for the homeowner to place their fingers and open them.

As a result, they were stuck with two options – place something between the window and keep it from fully closing or NEVER open their windows.

Of course, placing something to block the window from closing created quite an eyesore. It was uneven with the adjacent window, and it was obvious there was something in between the windows.

The inability to create a cross breeze in the home was equally concerning, leading to a stuffy living room environment.

Needless to say, the client needed a BETTER way.

And so we offered a third solution – FIX the problem so the windows look great and close and open with ease.

The Solution: Create More Space And
Keep The Elegant Window Sill

This was a unique problem, and it required a unique replacement window solution. We wanted her new windows to open easily AND look amazing.

Ultimately, we cut down part of the window sill and made a new flat area. This allows more room to open the windows with your fingers.

Also, choosing the right type of windows was important. We used top-grade double-pane windows. They absolutely look great with the rest of the home – they provide both aesthetic appeal AND convenience for the homeowner.

In the end, the new windows have made a huge difference. The homeowner can open the windows as they desire, and it creates a pleasant cross breeze in the living room. The home is now filled with natural airflow, and the house remains cool in the summer months without overworking the HVAC unit.

The Homeowner LOVES Their New Windows

We’re proud to report the client is ecstatic with the results. It brings us great pleasure to serve them with a personalized window installation solution that transforms their home experience.

They now enjoy comfort 365 days a year and are happy with how the new windows look and function. And they are saving on energy costs each year now that they can create a cross breeze that keeps the home cool during the summer.

If you’re searching for a window replacement company in Bucks, Lehigh, and Montgomery Counties that ensures your 100% satisfaction, then call Banes Roofing today at 215-855-ROOF or contact us for a free quote.

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