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Half A Century Of Warranty Goodness

March 29, 2024

GAF’s Golden Pledge Warranty Ensures Your
Greater Philly Roof Is Fully Covered… For Good

Why We Offer A Roof Replacement Warranty
You’ll Most Likely Never Have To Use

If all roofers in Greater Philadelphia suddenly offered our unbeatable GAF warranty… 97% of them wouldn’t be telling you the truth!

You see, it takes a special kind of roofer to have the ability to offer our warranty — namely, it takes a GAF Master Elite Installer (which we are, of course).

Does being a ‘Master Elite Installer’ even matter or is it just another fancy title?

This means we’re one of only 3% roofers nationwide who provide GAF’s BEST warranties.

Excellent Warranty Coverage Is Our
Baseline Standard

Let’s suppose you recently (in roofing, ‘recently’ is a figure measured in years) had a roof replacement on your home in Greater Philly. Everything seems to be going well, or so you think.

If your recent roof replacement were prematurely damaged, would the repair costs be covered…? Or would you be on the hook for a significant chunk of change to fix it?

This is one of the first questions you should ask yourself when choosing a roofing company in Bucks, Lehigh, and Montgomery Counties.

Know that with Banes Roofing, your roof WILL be covered because we offer the indisputable king of roofing warranties (although it’s likely you’ll never have to actually use it).

This might seem too good to be true a statement, but we can assure you it’s not. So what exactly is this now-mythical warranty we speak of called, and what does it actually cover (and how)?

It’s called the GAF’s Golden Pledge Warranty. It’s ONLY awarded to GAF Master Elite roofing installers.

But GAF Master Elite installers are few and far between. As in only 3% of roofing contractors in the nation receive the honor few and far between.

Rest assured… Banes Roofing is among this top 3%. With our Golden Pledge Warranty, you receive:

  • 25 years of workmanship coverage.
  • 50 years of non-pro-rated coverage on shingle defects.
  • Lifetime warranty on installation labor – including shingle replacement.

Earning GAF’s trust is no easy task. We’ve undergone microscopic-levels of inspections from GAF, which are given at random. So, we have to be perfect on every project to maintain this status with them.

We’ve passed every GAF inspection with flying colors.

So, not only do we offer the industry’s best warranty, but the materials and installation are SO good you’ll (almost certainly) never have to use it.

Rest Easy At Night With A Warranty You Can Trust

Your peace of mind is extremely important to us.

And although we’re all but certain you’ll never use our warranty after our impeccable installation with materials designed to last decades… we want you to have totalpeace of mind.

And part of total peace of mind means sleeping well at night. We want you to get that deep REM sleep with absolutely no fears or worries about your recent roof replacement. No surprise situations where you’re on the hook for high material costs because your roofer performed an improper installation. No voiding of ANY manufacturer warranty you would have received had then done the job correctly.

Instead, you know with indisputable certainty you get a great roof that has an extremely low likelihood of failure. And in the rare instance it does due to a natural disaster or an unruly neighbor firing illegal fireworks on the 4th… you KNOW it’s covered through and through.

Avoid The “Pro-Rated” Warranty Trick

Important!! Not all lifetime warranties are created equal.

Many other roofers in Greater Philadelphia offer “lifetime” warranties, but they are pro-rated! This means as your roof ages, the warranty coverage decreases over time. In most cases, you’re left with about 10 years of full warranty coverage… if you’re lucky!

With Banes Roofing, your roof replacement warranty will NEVER be pro-rated. Remember… your roof will be covered by GAF’s Golden Pledge Warranty for 50+ years!

In addition to the best manufacturer warranty, we offer a LIFETIME installation labor warranty. So, if anything goes wrong with your roofing system, we fix it. It’s that simple.

Choose Banes Roofing And Receive
GAF’s Golden Pledge Warranty

If you’re a Greater Philadelphia homeowner who wants a roof replacement you’ll NEVER have to worry about and from the best roofer in the business, call Banes Roofing at 215-855-ROOF for a free estimate.

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