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Fire Resistance Is Just One Advantage Of Adding James Hardie Siding To Your Willow Grove, PA Home

September 5, 2023

Fire Resistance Is Just One Advantage Of
Adding James Hardie Siding To Your
Willow Grove, PA Home

Keep Your Home Safe
From The Elements

When installing new siding on your home, it’s important to look for a product that is durable and strong. That’s why many homeowners in Willow Grove PA,  choose James Hardie siding.

Your siding is the first line of defense in protecting your home from the elements and should be able to stand up against whatever the weather in Montgomery County has to throw at it.

Of course, you don’t just want your siding to stand up against turbulent weather. It’s also important that it protects your home from other elements – like fire.

Few siding products are truly fire resistant, but James Hardie siding truly stands out from the rest. James Hardie cement fiber siding can stand up against just about anything. You can rest assured that whatever may come your way, your siding will come out on the other side looking just as beautiful as the day it was installed.

The Fire Resistance Of James Hardie Siding

James Hardie Siding has been the leader in siding for quite some time, and it’s not hard to see why. It is built to protect your home.

In the unfortunate and incredibly difficult event that your home catches fire in Willow Grove, PA, this material will help protect your home and your family. Since James Hardie siding is made from durable fiber cement siding, it will not ignite when it is exposed to a flame.

Unlike other siding that is made with vinyl or wood, James Hardie siding will not contribute to the fire.

This is a huge advantage to your home. In the case of a fire, this siding can help slow it down and give you valuable time back to put the fire out or flee your home.

You can feel safe when you have your siding installation completed.

Added Benefits Of James Hardie
Siding Fiber Resistance

Not only can you feel safer with James Hardie siding protecting your home, but you also be able to save some money when you have James Hardie siding installed.

Because of the siding’s remarkable fire resistance, a lot of insurance companies offer a discount to homeowners who have this feature in their homes.

Of course, this can depend on the insurance providers. But James Hardie recommends that you share the fire-resistant qualities of their siding with your insurance company to see if you might be eligible for a discount.

James Hardie siding is also extremely durable because of the material it is made with. It can last for years down the line, no matter what may come its way.

The Durability Of James Hardie Siding

In addition to being fire resistant, James Hardie Siding is also exceptional in standing up against other elements, such as wind and water.

Water can be one of the most dangerous culprits to your home’s siding in Montgomery County. Storms rolling through the community may leave your siding vulnerable to things like moisture and rot. This can be especially true if your siding is made from wood.

But, with James Hardie siding, you don’t have to worry about this issue. It is specifically built to stand up against water and withstand high levels of damage for an extended period of time.

Even when facing up against hail, wind, or snow, James Hardie siding has been shown to hold up.

When you install James Hardie siding on your home, you can feel safe knowing that your investment is protected from whatever may come its way, whether it’s rain, wind, fire, or snow.

James Hardie Siding Installation

To get the full benefits of fire resistance and durability in turbulent weather, your James Hardie Siding needs to be installed with precision.

That’s where the team at Banes Roofing steps in to make sure everything is done right on every single project. Banes Roofing never skips steps in our installation process and makes sure to pay attention to every last detail to ensure that your James Hardie siding is as strong as possible.

In as little as 3-5 days, you can have new James Hardie installed and protect your home with highly durable siding for years to come.

If you are interested in James Hardie siding installation in Willow Grove, PA, reach out to Banes Roofing to get your free quote today. 

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