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Feeling Shell-Shocked From Your Roofing Consultation? We Can Help.

February 28, 2023

Feeling Shell-Shocked After That Big
National Brand Roofer’s Sales Pitch?

Rest Easy – Banes Roofing Will
Set The Record Straight

The whole point of having a Tri-County roof replacement is to… well… solve your roofing issues. But often, this can be a hard feat when so many roofing consultants are parading in and out of your home, pressuring you with less-than-ideal “solutions.”

You see, these salespeople are never truly meant to offer you a solution more than they’re meant to sell you a roof. It’s a big distinction that you might not even notice during their knuckleball of a sales pitch.

Surprised? Well, allow us to dispel any confusion by telling you why this happens:

It’s because they’re trained to do it.

These salespeople-disguised-as-roofing-experts come as a package deal with the big national roofing companies. You know, those massive roofing corporations who hound you for your business?

These big names in national roofing have entire departments dedicated to roofing sales, which means they have a corporate rulebook. A thick manual full of age-old sales jargon. A trained procedure to sell a roof but not solve your roofing issues with true expertise.

And worst of all? 

Their training and sales tactics can be downright unethical – from the artificially inflated prices they “reduce” as a “favor” to the “let me see what my manager can offer you” gimmick.

At Banes Roofing, we will simply never use these pressure tactics on you. Because:

In other words, we’re people-driven

So instead of becoming a number on a spreadsheet, you become a homeowner turned forever-Banes customer.

Which Would You Choose: A Sales Pitch
Or A Conversation Over Coffee?

Big roofing corporations train their salespeople to create a sense of urgency, which pressures Tri-County homeowners into making a big decision on the spot – one they often regret.

But when you’re finally faced with their sales gimmicks, prolonged awkward eye contact, and flat-out refusals to take “no thanks” for an answer, it gets challenging to overcome.

But at Banes Roofing, our approach couldn’t be more different.

We start from a place of care and concern, which means we’re relaxed and ready to listen to what you have to say.

We follow this up with a thorough roof inspection to provide the optimal solution that covers all your concerns.

Then, we take the time to listen to your design and material preferences and offer informed, expert advice on whether they’ll work functionally.

This collaborative, zero-stress, and pleasant consultation has even earned our own Joe Scardino (Residential Project Manager) a cup of joe while giving an estimate to a now pleased customer.

Imagine that… not only do our Project Managers avoid giving you any stress and sales pressure whatsoever, but we also become a roofer whose company homeowners enjoy.

Because, in the end… honesty does go a long way – especially in the roofing contractor world.

We’re Master Installers, Not Master Manipulators

We mentioned some of these tactics earlier on, but roofing salespeople can be outright manipulative with their sales tactics.
Whether it’s:

  • Artificially inflating the price to only “lower” it as a “courtesy” to you (we’ve even seen this happen to the tune of $25,000!).
  • Stepping outside, claiming that “my manager might be able to get you a good deal.”
  • Giving you a “good deal” but not disclosing the lower-quality products either deeply hidden in or completely omitted from the contract.

But because we’re GAF Master Elite installers, we must abide by a strict code of ethics that GAF will inspect.

But even without GAF checking on our ethics, it wouldn’t matter.

Because we treat you as a person.

Not a lead.

So from the get-go, you’re already getting someone who:

  • Treats you as a person who has an issue that needs to be fixed.
  • Doesn’t have a chain of command to please.
  • Actually knows roofs, inside and out.

Ultimately, this results in you feeling relaxed and ready to have an open and productive discussion about your roof replacement.

We’re Ready To Have A Relaxed And Real
Conversation About Your Roofing Needs

If you’re ready for an honest assessment of your Tri-County roof from a roofing contractor with integrity and your best interest in mind, contact Banes Roofing for a free quote today.

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