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Concierge-Level Tri-County Roofing Replacement

January 27, 2023
Case Study
Residential Roofing

Banes Roofing Took Over With Concierge-Level
Service When Other Roofers Let Them Down

To Us, “Above And Beyond” Is Just Basic Courtesy,
Which We Happily Provided To Harry And Georgia

You would think a Tri-County roofer would treat a new prospect with enthusiasm and care – eager to take on another job and to help one more homeowner achieve their dream home.

Well… here’s to wishful thinking.

In Harry and Georgia’s case, they were ignored or turned down by not one, two… or even three roofers, but FOUR

So what was the problem? Well, it had nothing to do with Harry and Georgia but everything to do with each roofer’s inability or commitment to take care of Harry and Georgia’s uncommon needs.

Needs like:

  • Changing gutter sizes to increase flow capacity.
  • Removing and reinstalling solar panels safely and efficiently.
  • Adding a brand-new, custom portico matching the home’s original.

Sure, their needs go beyond just nailing down shingles, but that comes with the territory of roofing – a territory not all roofers seem to expect.

Well, except us.

You see, we understand roofs don’t exist in a vacuum.

We expect these things and legitimately get a thrill from solving them. So when Harry mentioned these potential obstacles, we saw an opportunity to come to the rescue and an opportunity to let our above-and-beyond process shine through.

So it’s a good thing our very own Joe Scardino (project estimator) happened to move in nearby. Because when Harry and Georgia saw Joe drive by with his branded Banes Roofing van, they got inspired to seek out a roofer who would answer and solve their roofing needs.

The Solar Panel “Dilemma”

As you can see from the image of Harry and Georgia’s home, they have three solar panels installed on their attached garage roof. These solar panels serve as the energy source for their domestic hot water tank.

These three, modestly sized solar panels were enough to scare away the other roofers, with two of them refusing to even answer their phones!

But not Banes Roofing.

Not only did Joe answer Harry with a resounding yes to help remove and reinstall them, but he was also thrilled to offer them a superior solution.

The Above-And-Beyond Machine

Meet our “Equipter,” aka our $35K machine of pure, customer-service bliss. It’s normally used as a high-tech mobile dumpster that aids us in achieving clean and pristine roof replacements.

But this time, we killed two birds with one stone and used it as a transport unit as well.


To meet Harry’s specific need of removing, safely transporting, storing, then reinstalling his domestic hot water solar panels, we pivoted strategies.

Not only is our Equipter a mobile dumpster, but it’s also a mobile storage solution. So we put two and two together and used it to help remove his solar panels with ease.

While other roofers weren’t even returning calls, we were removing and returning Harry’s solar panels with high-tech efficiency.

The Gutter Resizing “Dilemma”

Some contractors would like to believe that roofing only involves shingles and nails. But that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to a full-service roofing company like Banes Roofing.

To other roofers, gutters are an ambiguous area. But to Banes, they’re just a part of the job.

Without a proper gutter and downspout system, a roof wouldn’t be a roof! Where else would the water runoff go without proper gutters?

When Harry expressed his need to go from 5-inch to 6-inch gutters and downspouts, it was no problem. Within a day, we had their gutter system upgraded, paving the way for their new and improved complete roofing system.

A Brand-New Portico, Harkening
Back To The Good Ol’ Days

In 1950, Georgia’s father constructed their home by hand. There was a neat portico above the front door, as you can see in this photo of the home in its original state.


But in 1982, the portico was removed, as you can see in the main “before photo” at the top of this page.

Recently, Harry and Georgia decided it would be better to have a new portico to act as a shield from the elements.

And as you already know by now, not every roofer could commit to this need. And as you really know by now, Banes Roofing could. No surprises there.

Here is their final roof replacement with solar panels snugly and safely back on, gutters large(r) and in charge, and a brand-new portico, harkening back to the original. And, of course, the stunning GAF Timberline® HDZ series shingles expertly recommended by Joe and backed by GAF’s Golden Pledge Warranty:



Beyond The Call Of Duty

Not only were we able to provide Harry and Georgia with a superior roof replacement delivered with superior service, but we also recognized Harry’s service to our country.

Included in his new GAF roofing system was a $250 “Roof for Troops” rebate for his qualifying GAF roofing system. While some roofers don’t mention this special offer and salute to service, we’re always sure to make this effort for our veterans.

We’re thrilled to welcome Harry and Georgia into the Banes Roofing family!

If you have a Tri-County residential roof that needs a replacement and specialized care from a roofer who says yes, contact Banes Roofing for a free quote today!

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