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Being A Top 3% Roofer Requires Excellence

November 24, 2023

What It Really Takes To Be A
GAF Master Elite Installer

Only 3% Of Roofers Meet
These Requirements

We get it — you have likely heard many roofers in Bucks, Lehigh, and Montgomery Counties claim they are the best.

“Yeah, yeah, sure you are.”

It’s said so often that at this point claiming you’re the best means nothing, right?

But what if a company can PROVE they are the best?

Well, at Banes Roofing, we can. That’s what being a GAF Master Elite Installer is all about. Only the top 3% of roofing contractors in the nation receive this honor.

So, WE aren’t saying we are one of the best roofing companies — GAF is.

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Who Is GAF And Why Is It So Hard To
Achieve Master Elite Status?

Let’s start here — what is GAF?

GAF is the gold standard for roofing material in North America. Their shingles (and other products) are superior in every way. They last longer, look better, AND have superior warranty coverage.

As such, they don’t want just any random Joe installing their superior products and offering their top-tier manufacturer warranty. Master Elite Installers are the only ones who can offer their 25+ year Golden Pledge Warranty.

5 Boxes A Roofing Company MUST Check To Become
A GAF Master Elite Installer

So, what does it take to meet their standards? Well, a lot:

  • 7+ Years Of Experience
  • Worker’s Compensation And Liability Insurance
  • Pristine BBB Rating And A FLAWLESS Local Reputation
  • The Ability To Pass OCD-Level Roof Inspections
  • Ongoing Training And Continuing Education
  • Ethics, Great Credit, And Clean Banking

7+ Years Of Experience + Worker’s Compensation And Liability Insurance

First, you need a business license, and you’d be surprised how many “roofers” in Bucks, Lehigh, and Montgomery Counties DON’T have one.

But, not only that.

You also need AT LEAST seven years of quality experience before you are even considered for GAF Master Elite Certification. You also need at least one year inside of GAF’s certified program.

This was an easy hurdle for Banes Roofing to clear. After all, we’ve been in business since 1950!

Of course, you also need insurance — both workers’ compensation and liability.

Any roofing company that is NOT licensed, adequately insured, and experienced can kiss the hopes of GAF Master Elite Certification goodbye. This first hurdle eliminates a large number of roofing companies right away.

Pristine BBB Rating And A FLAWLESS Local Reputation

Banes Roofing is licensed, insured, and has been in business for 70+ years. But is that enough of a resume to become a GAF Master Elite Installer? Nope.

GAF requires more.

You must also have a (nearly) perfect reputation locally and in the roofing industry at large.

We do.

Banes Roofing has an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. We also have a 99% satisfaction rating among customers and a ton of five-star Google reviews, which GAF requires. In fact, GAF performs independent surveys to ensure all Master Elite Installers have and maintain 99% satisfaction.

The Ability To Pass OCD-Level Roofing Inspections

Licensed, insured, and experienced with a pristine BBB rating and a 99% satisfaction rating via an independent survey. Indeed that’s enough to become GAF Master Elite certified, right?

Actually, still no. They demand more, which is why 97% don’t make the cut.

GAF may also perform detailed inspections of completed roofing projects. At times, they are even unannounced and random. This ensures the roofing company does great work on EVERY project — not just the ones they know GAF will inspect.

Ongoing Training And Continuing Education

GAF is an industry leader. Just when you think they’ve perfected roofing, their products get EVEN BETTER. As roofing innovators, GAF expects their Master Elite Installers to stay ahead of the times as well.

If certified installers are not continually improving, then they may lose certification. In fact, they only provide certification for a year, and you must continually meet the standards and renew each year.

As a result, GAF Master Elite Installers must commit to ongoing training and education. Fortunately, ongoing training and education is something we do anyway. Like GAF, we strive to be the BEST at what we do.

At Banes Roofing, we are ALWAYS up to speed on the latest technologies and roofing methods and pass GAF testing with flying colors.

Ethics, Great Credit, And Clean Banking

GAF looks beyond good craftsmanship and satisfied customers.

They also ensure excellent business practices before awarding a roofing company with GAF Master Elite status. To qualify, roofing companies must have:

  • An excellent credit score
  • A reasonable amount of debt and loans (if any)
  • A track record of dependable cash flow management
  • A trusted history of displaying superior business ethics (i.e., never using sleazy hard-sell tactics)

Business ethics is something we understand and display on every project at Banes Roofing. Trust, integrity, reliability, and accountability are part of our core identity, and it’s who we are.

For A Quality Roof In Greater Philadelphia, Call Banes Roofing

We are proud to call ourselves GAF Master Elite Installers, a title that few roofing contractors in the Greater Philadelphia area can claim. However, we don’t rest solely upon this title. We strive to produce the BEST results on every project. To learn more and receive a FREE project quote, call us today at 215-855-ROOF.