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A Quality-Driven Roofer Delivering Unrivaled Roofs Since 1950

December 26, 2022

A Quality-Driven Tri-County Roofer, Delivering
LASTING And UNRIVALED Roofs Since 1950

How Do You Know A Roofer Is The Bona Fide Best?
History, Reviews, And Especially Word Of Mouth

A wise roofer once said:

“The bitterness of poor quality is long remembered after the sweetness of low prices forgotten.”

In other words, low-price Tri-County roofing services may be tempting upfront, but that feel-good, “money-saving” sensation will soon dissolve once issues start cropping up left and right.

And once they do, the money you might have saved going with the “low-cost” guy will soon go right back into roof repairs or, even worse, another roof replacement.

You see, even though a roof is always over your head, you shouldn’t ever have to think about it. But once you start noticing issues like leaks, exterior damage, and ventilation trouble, you won’t be able to take your mind off it because you can’t avoid it.

These issues tend to stem from jobs complete with a rushed “project-to-project” mentality instead of a professional, precise, and efficient mentality.

At Banes Roofing, our long-standing philosophy is and has always been simple: Quality. Quality. And MORE quality.

In the end, quality ALWAYS translates to value for your roofing investment.

And because of our deep-rooted family history in roofing excellence, quality is, and always has been, just a part of what we do. It’s reflected in our pleased customer reviews and especially in what our community has to say about us.

Superior Roofing Since The Mid-Twentieth Century

When searching for a Tri-County roofer, you might be surprised to see new ones popping up and disappearing like a bolt from the blue. Don’t worry, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – this actually happens.

We call them “fly-by-night” contractors. Because once they “finish” your roof and pack their bags, they’re history.

But with Banes Roofing, once you’re our customer, you become a part of our history.

And our history goes back over seventy years – and it is all kept within the family.

Can you imagine signing the dotted line with a roofer, once chock-full of promises, to only later find out their “company” was established less than a year ago? Neither can we.

In 2022, we transitioned into our third generation of roofing excellence. And it all started in 1950, when Ed Banes founded Banes Roofing. His son, Tom Banes Sr., took the reins in 1978. And just last year, in 2022, Tom Banes Jr. took charge (not just out of family obligation) with a passion for transforming lives through roofing.

This means when you choose Banes Roofing for your residential or commercial roof repair and replacement, you’re getting over three quarters of a century of tried and tested roofing. This benefit is once in a blue moon by today’s roofing contractor standards.

Stellar Reviews – And Even Better –
Word-Of-Mouth Popularity

Tri-County roofers hoping to be relevant and seen online must have positive, organic, and dozens of reviews. It’s a given.

And we’re no exception. With nearly 50 glowing five-star reviews and accolades from our growing Banes Roofing Family, you can see for yourself just how thrilled Tri-County customers are with our roofing craftsmanship and stress-free process.

But because we’ve been in business long before the first personal computer was ever invented, our raving customers go the word-of-mouth method too – a tradition they’ve continued to this day!

Local Roofing Celebrities

When you’ve been in business for as long as we have, the community tends to know who you are, and on a pretty personal level. And while we love our online reviews, we’re even more thrilled to hear things like:

  • “My parents got a roof from you!”
  • “You did our church’s roof in 1980!”

We even have a prospective client as far as New Jersey interested in a new roof because of a local who told her about us!

To gain a prospective customer by word of mouth AND that far away from our HQ is a testament to the faith our community has had in our roofing since the very beginning.

Put Your Home In The Banes Roofing
Hall Of Fame – Call Today

Like a fan of a long-standing sports franchise celebrating another championship, so too can your home join the ranks of our stunning roofing projects.

With our family, reviews, and community backing our name, we’re more than confident to back you every step of the way – not just hightail it to sunset once we complete the job.

If you’re ready to ease your roofing repair worries or get an immaculate curb-appeal-dripping roof by a family of knowledgeable roofers, contact us today for a free quote!

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