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5 Signs Your Roofing Quote Is “Too Good To Be True”

April 9, 2024

Watch Out! Your Low Roofing Quote May
Very Well Be “Too Good To Be True”

5 Things A Roofing Contractor Might
Not Tell You About Your Low Quote

If this were Family Feud and the host asked “Name 5 Things A Roofing Contractor Might Not Be Telling You About Your Low Quote,” you could likely guess the majority of them.

BUT, in reality, some issues could arise from a low quote that you may never even consider.

And if you’re not careful, the “too good to be true” quote could lead to you paying MORE in the long run and having an unreliable roof.

Well, not on our watch. At Banes Roofing, we feel you deserve to know everything about your quote. And that’s why you’ll always know the precise materials we’ll use for your roof, every worker who’ll be around your home, and every step we take during your roofing system installation.

In other words, while a low quote from another contractor might not tell you everything you need to know, WE at Banes Roofing do tell you everything. And with our 70+ years of experience, we’ve seen A LOT come out of bad, cheap quotes.

So, if we faced this “Family Feud” question, our answers would look a little like this:

  1. Surprise Change Orders
  2. Long Project Timelines
  3. Inexperienced Roofers
  4. Cheap Materials
  5. Cheap Warranty

#1: Surprise Change Orders

The worst-case scenario: the roofer is flat-out dishonest. They give you a low “bottom-line” price for your roof replacement, but they KNOW that won’t be your final price.

Unfortunately, you may not know that your final price will be higher… until you’re slapped with unexpected “change order” requests and added costs.

In other cases, you may get a relatively honest (yet inexperienced) roofer who “doesn’t know that they don’t know.” And they may not spot everything during the initial inspection that needs to be fixed.

So, what kind of surprise costs are we talking about? Well, they happen all the time, and they usually look like this:

  • The roofing crew detects “unforeseen structural issues” they must address.
  • The roofing project requires more materials than the roofer initially anticipated, and you’re left flipping the bill.
  • The roofing company charges bogus fees such as “disposal fees that you may not have seen in the “fine print.”

And we get it – finding issues such as damaged decking or mold in your underlayment happens. However, the roofer should do everything in their power to detect every issue DURING the inspection. And that’s why we conduct thorough inspections – change orders are incredibly rare at Banes Roofing.

#2: Long Project Timelines

What incentive does a low quote provide for the roofer to show up and do their job? The simple fact is when most roofers no longer feel the job is worth the effort or money, they quit showing up. Or, they show up “when they can.”

Instead, you want a roofer who puts YOUR project first.

So, avoid delays and get a roofing crew who’ll work hard to finish the job quickly and with pristine results. And you can do this by choosing the roofer with the best VALUE, not the “lowest quote.” By best value, we mean the quote that saves you the most money long-term.

You see, when you choose a roofing system from Banes Roofing, you’re getting materials and installation quality that ensure you won’t have ongoing repairs. And we pair our great materials and workmanship with GAF’s Golden Pledge Warranty.

#3 Inexperienced Roofers

Who is on YOUR roof? This is the million-dollar question you should ask when choosing a roofing contractor.

Because the fact is, there’s a BIG difference between “Chuck in a truck” and a seasoned, proven roofer who’s worked on roofers for more than a decade.

Everyone needs a start, but your roof’s too valuable to trust in the hands of a beginner. And the best way to ENSURE you get a great roofer? Choose a proven roofing company that has insanely stringent standards for the roofers they hire. Choose Banes Roofing.

#4: Cheap Materials

You want to know WHO is on your roof… but you also want to know WHAT is being placed on your roof by said roofer.

A low quote almost always means cheap materials. After all, the roofer has to save money somewhere.

And what’s the problem with inexpensive materials? After all, they look “okay” after installation.

That may be true, but they don’t last. At all. You could very well find yourself in need of ANOTHER roof replacement in 10 years or less. And guess what? The warranty may not cover any of the costs OR the contractor may be hard to find when it comes time to make good on your warranty.

#5: Cheap Warranty

Most roofers offer “warranty coverage.” But what does that mean exactly? A prorated warranty, for example, means your warranty coverage amount reduces over time. And once your roof is older than its life expectancy, the coverage runs out. So, in essence, it’s not much of a warranty at all.

In other cases, there’s tons of fine print. And roofing companies, along with less reputable manufacturers, often look for any reason they can to deny your claim.

At Banes Roofing, we offer the BEST warranty in the entire roofing industry – and we honor it! It’s GAF’s Golden Pledge Warranty, and it’s only available for GAF Master Elite Installers, which we are. And it means your roof receives non-prorated coverage for 50 years.

If you want to work with a proven roofing company in Bucks, Lehigh, and Montgomery County, then call Banes Roofing today or contact us for a free quote.

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