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4 Ways We’re Described In Google Reviews

August 26, 2022

Here Are The 4 Most Common Ways Customers Describe Us In Our Google Reviews

From “Value” To “Punctuality,” These Are The Words You’ll See Over And Over Again.


If you’ve ever viewed Google reviews for a business, you’ve likely seen the “People Often Mention” (POM) area above the customer reviews.

Here is what it looks like:

Banes Roofing Google Reviews Bucks Lehigh Montgomery Counties Pa

Google’s reviews algorithm picks out the words (and synonyms of those words) people use most often when reviewing a specific company. Google then lists those terms above the reviews to provide you with brief insight into what the company’s customers think.

So… what words do Banes Roofing customers most often use in their Google reviews?

As of this writing, here are the top 4 terms:

  1. Value (33 times)
  2. Quality (33 times)
  3. Responsiveness (25 times)
  4. Punctuality (22 times)

Let’s look at each of these terms and see WHY our customers constantly use them to describe us.

#1: “Value”

Tied for first place is the term “Value.” Our customers love that we provide top-tier products and installation for their money—without charging an arm and a leg.

Google is pretty smart, so its POM algorithm detects synonyms. Under the “Value” category, you’ll find our customers often mention the terms “price” and “cost.” Here is the typical context…

Review Samples:

“My wife and I couldn’t be happier with Banes’ communication, scheduling, transparent pricing, workmanship, and warranty.”

“Good communication, quick turnaround, reasonable pricing.”

“Tom ensured he took the time needed to properly diagnose our issue and was quick to offer cost-effective solutions.”

#2: “Quality”

“Quality” (and the synonyms for it) refers to several things at Banes Roofing. Our customers use it to describe everything from our materials to our installation to our service. Here’s a look…

Review Samples:

“There were many options to choose from and the quality of materials and workmanship is excellent.”

“This is a top-notch company for your roofing needs. I had a roof installed on my house and 2 porches, and the job was done right and done fast.”

“We are very happy with the great quality and value. [We] would highly recommend Banes (as we have done many times to friends)!”

#3: “Responsiveness”

Banes Roofing Responsiveness Google Reviews Bucks Lehigh Montgomery Counties

Like “responsiveness,” the term “punctuality” is a POM term because our customers consistently list it as a Positive.

Simply put, we’re sticklers for being punctual. We respect your time, so we stick to schedule and meet deadlines—period.

Review Samples:

“The roof installation team arrived on time and worked swiftly to complete our project in less than a day.”

“Banes Roofing did a great job. They came when they were scheduled and finished in one day.”

“On the day of install, the crew—a lot of them—worked diligently and efficiently. I couldn’t believe how fast they got the roof done.”

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