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The Philadelphia & Lehigh Valley Local Roofing Company
That’s “Kept It In The Family” Since 1950

Banes Has Been Family-Owned For 3 Generations.
It’s Safe To Say That Roofing Runs In Our Blood

Banes Roofing started serving the Philadelphia & Lehigh Valley area all the way back in 1950. To understand how long ago that actually was, consider this:

  • Harry Truman was President.
  • Alaska and Hawaii weren’t states yet.
  • The first Super Bowl was still 17 years away.
  • Color television was just starting to become mainstream.

Why does it matter to YOU how long we’ve been in business?

Consider this: More than HALF of roofing companies close within five years of opening. Roofing and home improvement are tough, tough industries in which to survive—let alone thrive. This makes it a challenge to find a roofing contractor you can truly rely on—a roofing contractor you can trust to always be there for you.

Our 70+ years of serving the Bucks, Lehigh, and Montgomery County area proves we ARE that roofing contractor.

Not only have we been in business since 1950—we’ve been a family-owned business the entire time. Leadership at Banes Roofing has been passed on for three generations: from father to son in 1986… and from father to son again in 2022.

Here is a brief history of Banes Roofing throughout our three generations of family ownership…

Banes Roofing: A Family History

First Generation: Ed Banes (1950-1978)

Ed Banes was an entrepreneur to the core. In the 1940s, he owned a local five-and-dime store in Hatboro. During that time, Ed also sold shingles for a roofing manufacturer.

Selling shingles allowed Ed to become knowledgeable and educated about residential roofing. Over time, he realized he had a passion for helping people improve their homes. So in 1950, he decided to start his own roofing company.

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During his 30+ years as the Owner of Banes Roofing, Ed was able to build the company into a trusted, reliable roofing contractor throughout the Lehigh Valley area. Homeowners and local businesses knew that when they needed roofing work, Banes was THE company to call.

In 1978, Ed retired and passed the company on to his son, Tom.

Second Generation: Tom Banes Sr. (1978-2022)

Tom Banes Sr. started working at Banes Roofing in the 1960s as a teenager. Tom Sr. may have been the owner’s son, but he didn’t have the red carpet rolled out for him. He worked his way through the ranks over the years, beginning his Banes career as a roof installer.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Tom Sr. moved up in the company. He held just about every position in the business at some point: Estimator… Salesperson… Operational Supervisor… you name it. In 1978, Tom Sr. officially took over Banes Roofing’s daily operations from Ed.


Just like his grandfather and father, Tom Jr. absolutely loves helping people improve their homes. His mission is not only to carry on the Banes Roofing legacy—it’s to elevate the company to its highest level of quality and service yet.

A Family Business That’s About More Than “Just Business”

We get it. Tons of companies—not just roofers—are family-owned and have been around for decades. “Passing the torch” to the next generation isn’t uncommon in the roofing industry.

But here’s the difference with Banes Roofing: The torch-passing has NEVER felt like an obligation.

A lot of roofers take up the family business because they feel it’s expected of them. Like it’s something they HAVE to do. And that’s never been the case at Banes.

Every generation has had the choice to continue the family business. And every generation has had the same burning desire and passion to take the torch—not only to keep the business going, but to keep it GROWING. We are consistently evolving to better meet the needs of modern-day homeowners. Homeowners like YOU.

A lot has changed since 1950. But we’ve made it our mission to be the roofer that Bucks, Lehigh, and Montgomery Counties can always and forever rely on…

Like family.

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